World Oil webcasts and webinars are in-depth presentations on oil and gas applications, trends and technology. Moderated by a World Oil editor and including technical experts, these events are focused on providing qualified engineers and professionals in the upstream oil and gas industry with the latest information pertaining to offshore and onshore exploring, drilling, completions and production.

Right information, right time, right decisions - Wellbore on DELFI

December 13, 2022
Sponsored by: SLB
Existing data is everywhere, and not often easy to consume. It can be found in different databases, projects, and directories. Interpreting newly acquired data can take weeks. The information needed to make the best decisions is either lost in a sea of data or comes after the window of opportunity for action has closed. SLB is changing the data workflow and digital operations are advancing to help customers make the right decisions, at the right time, with the right information. Digitally assisted operations with Wellbore on DELFI help customers make better decisions during or just after data acquisition, when these decisions count the most. With existing data, Wellbore on DELFI leverages the OSDU™ Data Platform to break down barriers between users and their data. Users quickly analyze data and select relevant wells for automated interpretation, conditioning, and better operational planning.

Accurate Wellbore Positioning Using WellDefined Automated Survey Solutions

December 07, 2022
Sponsored by: SLB
Join our expert, Mahmoud ElGizawy, to learn how automated survey management solutions can allow operating companies and service providers to access the most advanced directional survey correction algorithms to optimize drilling applications in real-time by providing accurate wellbore positioning data. This allows timely correction to the wellbore trajectory without requiring additional tools or onsite personnel. The automated survey solutions maximize reservoir production by accurately placing the well in the planned spot while avoiding collision with other wells in close proximity.

Prime Mapping: Obtaining Actual Pipe Data for Higher Downhole Performance

December 06, 2022
Sponsored by: Vallourec
Prime Mapping is a tubular field service carried out before running-in-hole that provides actual casing and tubing data enhancing drilling and completion operations. Prime Mapping can be run on the rig floor or at the yard by Vallourec trained technicians at any time, for tubulars from any supplier. The data is obtained using a portable device called In-Pipe Rover which uses laser and/or ultrasound technology. Prime Mapping provides full-length internal diameter (ID), wall thickness (WT), and outside diameter (OD) map with thousands of data points per pipe, providing calculated ovality, eccentricity, out-of-roundness, bore and metal volume. This actual geometric data is essential for packer setting and cement displacement, and mitigates casing wear while drilling, as it allows operators to optimize their casing and tubing strings before running, thus obtaining higher downhole performance. By performing the service in any field, Prime Mapping saves time, costs, and CO2 emissions for operators who no longer need to send pipes back to UT benches.

CCUS: Best Practices for Well Construction and Design

November 11, 2022
Sponsored by: SLB, Corrosion Resistant Alloys, Gulf Coast CO2
During this 60-minutes webcast, we will discuss the following: 1) “Common Issues surrounding CCS Well Construction”, presented by Dan Morrell, Drilling Consultant from SLB. 2) “CCUS: Well Design & Technical Challenges”, presented by Tommy Najar, Vice President, Commercial from Corrosion Resistant Alloys. 3) “CCUS Wellbore Construction and Design”, presented by Lindsay C. Longman Sr., P.E., Drilling Engineer from Gulf Coast CO2.

Steel Material Performance for Hydrogen Transport and Storage

November 10, 2022
Sponsored by: Vallourec
Hydrogen is set to play a key role in the energy transition acting as a low-emission energy carrier for various applications. To ensure safe transport and storage of compressed gaseous hydrogen, steels must be proven resistant to such environments, since hydrogen is also known to affect mechanical properties of some materials, a phenomenon named hydrogen embrittlement. Based on Vallourec’s comprehensive expertise in developing safe and tight products for the transportation and storage of hydrogen, this webcast will discuss hydrogen embrittlement and the resistance of steel materials, analyze testing methodologies and present the results of the tests performed by Vallourec on a selection of steel grades for OCTG pipes, line pipes and pressure vessels in the presence of pure H2 gas, and conclude on its qualified product offering and future developments.
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