Deepwater/Subsea Innovations: Advances in technology to support a growth market

December 07, 2023
Sponsored by: World Oil, Petroleum Economist, DES and MCEDD
The deepwater/subsea market is in the early days of a long-duration upcycle, as operators seek to replenish baseload, low-decline-rate oil and gas production. In pursuing this goal, operators are seeking to further improve efficiencies and economics, so technical innovation remains crucial. This e-book collection of recent World Oil articles reflects advances in various deepwater/subsea categories, including tie-back engineering, casing drilling, well delivery, subsea umbilical installation, improved FPSO performance, deepwater MPD operations and riser life extension, among others.

How Additive Manufacturing Can Aid the Oil, Gas, and Chemical Industry: Corrosion-Proofing by Infusion of Interstitial Solute, Exemplified for Alloy 22

October 18, 2023
Sponsored by: Swagelok
AM (additive manufacturing) is a rapidly developing field for rapid prototyping and producing near-net-shape products that are impossible to produce by conventional methods. In this article, we prove the concept of corrosion proofing of AM alloy parts by low-temperature infusion of interstitial solute for the example of Alloy 22 parts made by LPBF (laser powder-bed fusion). For post-processing of these parts, we employed our newly developed process of LTNC-SRP (low-temperature nitrocarburization by solid-reagent pyrolysis). The results highlight how this new process can specifically address problems inherent to alloy parts made by AM.

Oil and Gas Digital Transformation: Lessons Learned and Strategies Going Forward

November 29, 2023
Sponsored by: Ericsson
In the oil and gas sector, digital transformation is currently in its early stages, yet its potential to profoundly revolutionize industry operations is undeniable. Oil and gas companies and operators that proactively embrace digital transformation will find themselves more competitive and better positioned for success in the future, benefiting from substantial enhancements in their operations, processes, and business models. The primary objective is to harness the full capabilities of AI, ML, IoT, and big data to mitigate risks, automate tasks, and enhance decision-making processes. To ensure your ecosystem is well-prepared for this transformative journey, we invite you to join a panel discussion led by industry experts from Ericsson and Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). During this session, we will explore leading trends, impactful use cases, and best practices meticulously designed to accelerate your digital transformation journey. You’ll be sure to gain valuable insights into the strategies necessary for navigating this evolving landscape successfully while mitigating risk.

Addressing Hydrogen Challenges in Upstream Energy Service

December 06, 2023
Sponsored by: Greene Tweed
Energy sources & supplies are constantly changing, often through disruptive technology. Wood to coal, coal to oil and gas (hydrocarbons), and now hydrocarbon to hydrogen. In almost all cases, the disruptive changes seen in a new industry segment also create opportunities in existing industry segments. Discover how unique applications, such as crosslinked PEEK and specialized FKM compounds, can make all the difference in solving hydrogen-related performance problems. New compounds tested with hydrogen at national laboratories are making waves in other markets, and evidence suggests that they may be leveraged for oil and gas applications as well. Hear from experts at Greene Tweed about their unique approach to disruptive materials development and how it can be leveraged to enable success in hydrogen and other applications.
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