Seven factors that improve well delivery performance

April 03, 2023
Sponsored by: Actenum
“Well delivery” encompasses all of the activities needed to bring a well online, so that it may deliver hydrocarbons. Effective and efficient well delivery is critical and is at the heart of an operator’s business, and there’s a continual push to improve. This article outlines seven factors that have a major impact on performance, and why. It also describes why ignoring them isn't a good idea, as well as some tangible benefits of addressing them.

Advancing Profitability and Sustainability with APM 4.0

May 16, 2023
Sponsored by: AspenTech
Today´s executives are faced with the complex challenge of maximizing profitability while meeting sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) objectives. Using APM 4.0 to identify efficiencies across the organization can drive operational excellence, which in turn can lead to significant advancement of sustainability objectives. In this paper read how companies like LG Chem, Sardeolica, GSK, Braskem Idesa and others have decreased maintenance expenses, increased profits and avoided environmental and safety risks using APM 4.0.

Geology while drilling: Digital enabler for Sustainable Energy

October 25, 2023
Sponsored by: SLB
Geological evaluation of subsurface is an essential component of formation evaluation that connects well-centric data to reservoir scale. Recent technology breakthroughs in logging-while-drilling (LWD) borehole imaging and advanced surface logging have attracted substantial attention of the energy industry, more so for possible applications in sustainable energy initiatives. Digital innovations have led to development of smart and efficient solutions that can be made available in real-time for strategic decisions as the well gets drilled. Geology while drilling is taking the center stage from picking mineralogy on cuttings to inferring depositional architecture and structural framework with image logs with deep learning workflows and artificial intelligence embedded in the tools. Geothermal, hydrogen exploration and carbon sequestration all can benefit with these digital innovations in geology while drilling.

The Remote Frac Solution with TechnipFMC’s iComplete™ PadFlex™

October 11, 2023
Sponsored by: TechnipFMC
TechnipFMC’s PadFlex™ entails the deployment of a long flexible pipe providing frac pad customization and a remote hydraulic fracturing operations solution. In this webcast, our speaker John Eden will delve into the significant benefits of utilizing a flexible to connect multiple pads with limited connections. We will explore the potential cost savings, time efficiency gains, and operational enhancements that this innovative approach can offer. John will also be joined by Cody Douglas and Matt White from ConocoPhillips to offer customer perspective on how PadFlex™ delivers newfound versatility to frac pads, along with the improvements they have experienced.
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