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Europe’s energy crisis about to worsen as winter arrives

Energy prices in Europe are repeatedly breaking records even before winter really kicks in, and one of the most damaging cost crunches in history is about to get worse as the temperature starts to drop.

European gas prices jump, rolling blackouts possible on new Nord Stream 2 delays

European natural gas jumped to a three-week high on delays in starting up a controversial new pipeline from Russia.

Europe’s first winter cold spell already straining natural gas supplies

Europe is set to get its first cold spell of the winter season, putting the continent’s already scant energy supplies under pressure.

EU climate boss sees a role for natural gas in the green energy transition

European Union climate chief Frans Timmermans gave the clearest signal yet that the bloc is considering a role for natural gas under its green rulebook for investments, setting up a clash with some national governments.

European gas prices climb as Russia fails to boost supply

European gas and power prices surged on signs Russia won’t deliver the boost in supplies President Vladimir Putin promised. At least not on Monday.

Nord Stream 2 may take months to untangle European red tape

Russia’s Nord Stream 2 may need a few more months to clear remaining red tape before the controversial pipeline begins pumping natural gas to Germany to help ease Europe’s energy crunch.

Uncertainty over Russian supply sends European gas prices higher

European natural gas futures jumped, extending their rebound from last week’s slump, as shipments from Russia fell.

Energy crisis divides European nations before emergency meeting

European Union energy ministers are set for another spat over how to cushion consumers and companies from soaring power and natural gas prices, with political and legal constraints leaving little room for immediate action.

Europe faces possible energy blockades as winter gas crisis worsens

Europe’s heading into winter facing an unprecedented energy squeeze, and politicians are trying to figure out how to stop their citizens freezing.

Soaring energy prices increase tensions between Europe’s leaders

Soaring energy prices are exacerbating divisions in the European Union as national leaders brace for heated talks about how to protect the most vulnerable and avoid a backlash against the bloc’s ambitious climate change plan.

Putin’s pledge for more supply can’t stop Europe’s gas price surge

European gas futures continued their march upwards on Thursday, even after Russia pledged to deliver as much supply as the continent needs.

Putin ready to send more Russian gas to Europe, blames flawed policies for shortage

Russia is ready to deliver all of the natural gas that Europe needs, said President Vladimir Putin, blaming the continent’s current energy crisis on flawed policies rather than a lack of supply.

Europe’s industrial sector cuts natural gas demand as prices soar

Europe’s industrial sector has started to cut demand for natural gas, as record prices have made the fuel prohibitive for many consumers.

Sulzer expands presence in Denmark

Sulzer has broken ground on a new service center in Denmark that will provide its full range of product sales and maintenance services throughout the region, all from under one roof.

BP employees blocked from work as Greenpeace protests London HQ

BP Plc employees are working from home, as the oil giant attempts to continue normal business operations after Greenpeace put up barriers on the entrances to its London headquarters.

Trelleborg supplies bespoke gasket to protect museum ship in Finland

Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation has supplied a specially designed Gina gasket (G110-80) to the floating dry dock which protects the renowned museum ship, Pommern, located in the Mariehamn Maritime Museum in the Åland Islands, Finland.

Falcon Oil & Gas has negotiated a two-year extension of ORRI call option

Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. has announced that Falcon Oil & Gas Australia Ltd. has successfully negotiated a two-year extension of the call option (the Extension) to acquire it’s 30% portion of the 2% ORRI from the TOG Group.

Block Energy to acquire 100% interest in West Rustavi field

Block Energy Plc, the exploration and production company focused on the Republic of Georgia, is pleased to announce it has secured an agreement (the Agreement) with Georgian Oil and Gas Limited (GOG) to increase its working interest (WI) in the West Rustavi licence (West Rustavi or the License) to 100% from the current 25%.

Marathon oil signs agreement for divestiture of UK business

Marathon Oil Corporation has announced the company has entered into a share purchase agreement through its subsidiaries for the sale of its UK businesses Marathon Oil U.K. LLC (MOUK) and Marathon Oil West of Shetland Limited (MOWOS).