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Petrodel Resources reviving natural gas operations in Tanzania

Petrodel Resources Ltd., oil and gas reserves development and energy company, has announced its intention to revive its operations in Tanzania.

OCTG sector in the U.S. continues to struggle with extremely restricted supply

Export prices for OCTG from China appear to be softening as the Covid lockdown in Shanghai begins to ease but cases in Beijing are now on the rise.

Multi-stage Texas geothermal well to debut oilfield completion technologies

Danny Rehg, Sean Marshall, Talgat Shokanov, John Oliver

Smart tracers to map injection flow, promote inter-well communication as prelude to full-field development.

Executive Viewpoint: Simplified frac-iron system exemplifies efficiency trends

Bryan Wagner

Operators continue to look for field solutions that bring greater efficiencies and cost-savings. With these concerns top of mind, we recently introduced our more streamlined SPM™ Simplified Frac Iron System.

Shale jobs won't top pre-pandemic levels until 2027

The recovery of the shale patch workforce is still years in the making despite the frothy profits that rallying crude prices are generating for U.S. oil companies and their contractors.

WBM provides clean solutions, time and money savings in head-to-head tests against NAF

Michael S. Davis, Travis Vordick

A high-performance WBM, with an innovative polymer chemistry, is exceeding operator expectations in reducing operational time and expense, compared to NAF.

Drilling advances: Shiny toys not enough

Jim Redden

Evelyn MacLean, workforce energy task force director of the UK-based International Association of Oil and Gas Producers, says it’s time technology advancements are coupled with a re-examination of the workforce relationship.

U.S. oil output slips as higher costs hit drillers

Weekly U.S. crude oil production declined for the first time in three months, signaling that soaring costs across the oil fields may be preventing drillers from expanding output.

Noble, Maersk’s deal set for CMA nod after offer to sell rigs

Noble Corp. and Maersk Drilling offered to divest some of its offshore operation platforms to avoid an in-depth investigation from the U.K.’s antitrust regulator over the $2.6 billion deal, potentially smoothing the way for approval.

Drilling for shale oil is getting more expensive at the worst possible time

Inflation in the oil sector is worsening and industry executives see no reason to expect cost pressures on everything from steel pipe to frac sand to ease any time soon.

Devon launches its own mobile sand mine to cut fracing costs

Devon Energy Corp., one of the biggest oil explorers in the Permian Basin, is getting into the sand business to combat rising costs.

Shale explorers Diamondback, Devon boost payouts over production

Shale drillers Diamondback Energy, Devon Energy and Coterra Energy are boosting dividends while keeping oil output flat despite pleas from President Joe Biden to increase supplies and help take some the edge off of inflation.

Gulf of Mexico oil drilling makes comeback, but won’t close supply gap

A new wave of oil platforms is sweeping into the U.S. Gulf of Mexico as crude prices are riding historic levels and demand for barrels is higher than ever.

Drilling rig prices are spiking in the U.S. shale patch

After driving up prices for everything from steel pipes to frac sand to labor, inflation has finally ensnared the centerpiece of oilfield equipment: the drilling rig.

SPM Oil & Gas introduces new, more streamlined frac iron system

The reimagined, field proven Simplified Frac Iron System transforms the typically disjointed process inherent with conventional ground iron.

Galp to consider sale of Angolan upstream operations

Galp Energia SGPS SA is considering a sale of its upstream operations in Angola, as Portugal’s biggest oil company seeks to streamline its hydrocarbon portfolio, according to people familiar with the matter.

First Oil: Looking for positivity among all the negativity

Kurt Abraham

In the U.S. and many other countries, rampant inflation is taking place, the various supply chains are a mess, energy supplies are disrupted, and the cost of oilfield equipment and services is jumping higher. It’s hard to ignore all this negativity, but in this column, we’re looking for some positivity, wherever we can fit it.

Three U.S. shale producers are raising output as Biden looks to tame oil prices

Continental Resources Inc., Hess Corp. and Matador Resources Co. signaled plans to raise production from U.S. shale basins, a potential harbinger of things to come as Big Oil prepares to report results later this week.

Whitecap Resources plans more gas drilling in late 2022 as prices surge

Whitecap Resources Inc., a Canadian conventional and shale driller, plans to increase natural gas activity in the second half of the year to capitalize on a surge in prices, Chief Executive Officer Grant Fagerheim said.

New system builds on proven technology for reservoir management to smaller platforms and satellite wells

Jon Musselman

A new slickline-deployed, memory-based, cased-hole evaluation system delivers the same quality data used to identify bypassed reserves as conventional wireline but without the higher costs and logistical burdens.

ShaleTech: Permian Shales: $100 oil, European tensions test basin-side discipline

Jim Redden

Scott Sheffield has a forewarning for the acreage-restricted private operators helping drive record production in the Permian basin: your annual double-digit growth rates are unsustainable.