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Special Focus

Novel combined chemical product increases production and reduces costs

Dr. Alfred Hase, Laura Crombie, ChampionX

During a recent North Sea project, production had been constrained on an operator’s normally unmanned installation to meet H2S specifications. A bespoke solution was developed, capable of protecting the NUI against hydrates while ensuring efficient scavenging of H2S.

Embracing an Alliance mindset to sustainably unlock offshore production potential

Stian Ø. Jørgensen, Aker BP; Rob Stolpman, StimWell Services; Richard Lochee-Bayne, Schlumberger

Industry indicators point toward increasing demand for oil and gas, with the offshore market playing an integral role in the short- and long-term energy mix. However, as the offshore industry looks toward an upcycle, the landscape looks different from those of the past.

Improving prediction accuracy on flow-induced vibration analysis

Paul Emmerson, Xodus; Steinar Orre, Equinor ASA

Experts from Xodus and Equinor ASA provide insight and analysis on why flow-induced vibration is a concern for subsea systems and how they are driving improved industry understanding to eliminate costly and potentially dangerous consequences.

Alberta firm delivers automated well service rigs to Oman in logistical success

Rob Wawrzynowski, Highwood Equipment Technologies

Highwood Equipment Technologies beat the clock by contracting one of the world’s largest commercial airplanes to ship two well service rigs to Oman.


Leveraging oil and gas digitalization to emerge from the pandemic

Bimal Venkatesh, Weatherford

Following the pandemic, companies are adjusting operating philosophies to focus more on production optimization and maximize existing investments. This growing need has fueled interest in the latest digital offerings, especially for remote operations, visualization, Edge automation and artificial intelligence.

The U.S. DOE works on enhanced hydrogen production

Jared Ciferno, National Energy Technology Laboratory, U.S. Department of Energy

The DOE’s NETL is either conducting or considering a variety of projects geared to finding methods for large-scale, cost-effective hydrogen production.

Four steps to extract the full potential of a novel data platform

Alan Henson, Pariveda

Whether it’s being used to bring cloud capabilities to the oil and gas industry or enabling the transition to cleaner forms of energy production, the utility of a community-driven consortium data platform depends largely on the angle from which companies approach it.

Digital smart products prove their value for processing technologies

René Mikkelsen, Andreas Hannisdal, Henrik Bjartnes, NOV

Applications for condition-based monitoring and performance optimization may become a standard offering accompanying processing equipment deliveries.

Lessons from the Gulf of Mexico: Expediting an offshore platform’s decommissioning

Vivek K. Prajapati, Petroleum Engineer

With the backlog of idle offshore platforms steadily increasing, the industry needs to optimize procedures and operational strategies to reduce costs while improving overall HSE during and after decommissioning.

Biocide guide: Protecting reservoirs and maximizing oilfield production

Anup Rama, Ken Wunch, IFF Microbial Control

How to implement an effective microbial control program to safeguard oilfield operations, optimize hydrocarbons and strengthen productivity.

Regional Report: The Arctic

Mike Slaton, Contributing Editor

Different answers


What's new in Exploration

William (Bill) Head, Contributing Editor

Joe Biden: “I did that!”

First oil

Kurt Abraham, World Oil

Recovery is still moving forward

Drilling advances

Jim Redden, Contributing Editor

Controlling top-to-bottom limiters

Water management

Mark Patton, Hydrozonix

Seismic Response Areas (SRAs) enter the picture

Executive viewpoint

Andy Brogan, EY

OPEC in the energy transition: What have we learned from the pandemic?

The last barrel

Craig Fleming, World Oil

You can’t have it both ways


Industry at a glance

Craig Fleming, World Oil