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WBM provides clean solutions, time and money savings in head-to-head tests against NAF

Travis Vordick, Michael S. Davis

A high-performance WBM, with an innovative polymer chemistry, is exceeding operator expectations in reducing operational time and expense, compared to NAF.

Subsea technology: Achieving a 99% repurpose and recycle rate during decommissioning

Stuart Nelson

Over the past decade, a subsea provider has been growing its decommissioning capabilities across the North Sea. In a project for Repsol Sinopec Resources, it achieved a 99% repurpose/recycle rate.

Using data from drilling to guide completion designs

Kevin Wutherich

Existing but previously unused data obtained during the drilling process can now be used to enhance completion design. The author outlines the available data and discusses how it can be incorporated into the completion design process and ultimately provide economic benefits to an operator.

New system builds on proven technology for reservoir management to smaller platforms and satellite wells

Jon Musselman

A new slickline-deployed, memory-based, cased-hole evaluation system delivers the same quality data used to identify bypassed reserves as conventional wireline but without the higher costs and logistical burdens.

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Oil and gas in the capitals: Casualties of war

The consequences of the war between Ukraine and Russia will be considerable for the energy and oil markets. Given the extent of damages produced by the war and the sanctions taken by NATO countries and their allies, a ceasefire will not imply a return to normal.

Executive viewpoint: Texas oil and gas can save Europe—again

The EU should be buying LNG from friendly countries like America, Australia, and other Western democracies to meet their firm generation needs. It’s dependable, affordable, and cleaner than coal.

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