Caterpillar Oil & Gas launches battery storage system to support sustainable drilling

February 18, 2024

(WO) – Caterpillar Oil & Gas announced the launch of the Cat Hybrid Energy Storage Solution to help drillers and operators cut fuel consumption, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and reduce environmental impact in today’s oil and gas operations. The custom-designed battery storage system stores excess power from the job site and then discharges it as needed. In a hybrid system that combines the Cat Hybrid Energy Storage Solution and a gas genset, the transient response is even quicker than in conventional diesel-only rigs.

The Hybrid Energy Storage Solution incorporates the latest in genset controls, bidirectional power inverters (BDP) and microgrid master controllers (MMC) to boost fuel economy and reduce engine maintenance. This technology can be connected to a regional grid, providing backup power and peak shaving to increase reliability and reduce operating costs. Seamlessly integrating with multiple genset options and other power sources in parallel, the Hybrid Energy Storage Solution provides increased power output and/or increases energy capacity.

The comprehensive fully autonomous solution ensures dependable power and transient response capability for reliable uptime as well as capital efficiency. This provides exceptional performance in the field by offering the flexibility to run on a wide variety of fuel types.

Engineered with a heavy-duty battery structure that provides vibration isolation, the Hybrid Energy Storage Solution is designed to protect against power failure, voltage sags/surges, and under/over frequency conditions.

The system’s power dense battery paired with a Power Grid Stabilization Module, BDP and MMC are available on a heavy-duty ASTM D4169/3G loading mobile trailer designed for 3G shock load to withstand the oil field’s harshest operating conditions. It satisfies UL1741 grid connector requirements and meets UL9540 container level safety standards.

The Hybrid Energy Storage Solution has a proven track record in various industries and is now entering the oil and gas sector. It easily plugs into existing rig setups and can be adapted to accommodate evolving fuel requirements to help future-proof equipment. When paired with the Cat SMART Engine Management System (EMS), engines can be automatically added or removed to match rig demands.

Depending upon site configuration, the Hybrid Energy Storage Solution is proven to deliver up to 30% fuel cost savings with natural gas, 85% fuel cost savings with field gas and up to 81% reduction in NOx. CO2e reductions of up to 11% and 7% are possible with natural gas and field gas, respectively.

“Our oil and gas expertise enables us to provide a dependable battery-powered hybrid solution that delivers the performance and fuel savings drillers and operators demand while reducing emissions,” said Matt O’Sullivan, General Manager, Oil & Gas Power Systems at Caterpillar Inc.

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