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11/30/2021 Kongsberg Digital and Aker BP extend collaboration agreement to accelerate data utilization

11/30/2021 U.S. tries to improve relations with OPEC after oil-price scuffle

11/30/2021 Natural gas plunges 11% as U.S. weather forecast stifles demand

11/30/2021 Carbon+Intel: DNV supports world’s first large-scale testing of submerged CO2 pipelines

11/30/2021 Omicron scare sends oil prices into worst monthly loss this year

11/29/2021 Lundin Energy explores potential $10 billion sale

11/29/2021 IEA boss blames “deliberate policies” of energy producers for price spikes

11/29/2021 BP plans green hydrogen facility in UK as energy transition accelerates

11/29/2021 Saudi energy minister “not concerned” about Omicron Covid variant

11/29/2021 Shell faces pushback over offshore South Africa seismic survey plans

11/29/2021 OPEC to review potential of latest Covid variant this week

11/29/2021 Oil prices rebound as traders consider Omicron’s threat to demand

11/28/2021 Europe’s energy crisis about to worsen as winter arrives

11/28/2021 U.S. seeks to boost oil royalties to account for climate change

11/28/2021 Iran seeks to return oil output to pre-sanction levels

11/28/2021 Canada rejects Enbridge plan to keep oil pipelines full

11/28/2021 OPEC expected to take cautious approach to oil demand at December meeting

11/28/2021 Biden says U.S. gasoline prices will fall, but it’ll take time

11/26/2021 Oil crashes more than 10% as new Covid variant strikes fear in global markets

11/26/2021 Biden wants the world to go green, while pushing for cheap gasoline at home

11/25/2021 Neptune Energy completes Seagull manifold installation

11/25/2021 Carbon+Intel: CGG delivers new multi-client screening study for CO2 Storage Sites in UK and Norway Northern North Sea

11/25/2021 OPEC says SPR releases may worsen coming global oil surplus

11/24/2021 Neptune owners seek offers for its $5 billion gas exploration unit

11/24/2021 Oil prices steady as market shrugs off SPR release plans

11/24/2021 Sen. Elizabeth Warren challenges U.S. gas producers on exports

11/23/2021 WTI-Brent oil price spread complicates Biden’s gas-pump plans

11/23/2021 Canadian oil drilling expected to top pre-Covid levels in 2022

11/23/2021 U.S. motorists expected to save 10 cents a gallon via SPR release

11/23/2021 The fine print: How a coordinated oil reserve release works

11/23/2021 “Short-sighted policy”: Oil companies and trade groups weigh in on Biden’s SPR move