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5/25/2022 Invictus Energy director highlights African energy market operations, Zimbabwe exploration

5/25/2022 ‘Green Nobel’ winner warns oil majors may abandon Nigeria on pollution cleanup

5/25/2022 Texas LNG appoints Technip Energies-Samsung Engineering joint venture as lead project contractor

5/25/2022 Petrodel Resources reviving natural gas operations in Tanzania

5/25/2022 Permian oil producers about to slow despite $100 crude

5/25/2022 DTEK’s CEO updates rebuilding progress of Ukraine’s energy/electricity sector

5/24/2022 Saudi Arabia says it’s done all it can for the oil market

5/24/2022 Texas Railroad Commission turns to artificial intelligence to improve seismicity review process

5/24/2022 The Gambia furthers oil exploration through progressive legislation

5/24/2022 OCTG sector in the U.S. continues to struggle with extremely restricted supply

5/24/2022 UAE sends rare cargoes of oil toward Europe amid Russia snub

5/24/2022 Putin’s state oil champion suffers biggest production drop

5/23/2022 OU geothermal team wins first place in national Department of Energy competition

5/23/2022 To avoid windfall tax, UK may ask for quarterly green plans

5/23/2022 OEUK: A windfall tax risks reducing the UK’s energy security

5/23/2022 Oil steadies as EU stalemate deepens on Russian oil embargo

5/23/2022 Russia’s seaborne crude oil exports keep coming

5/22/2022 Eni plans €2.5 billion in UK investment over four years

5/20/2022 Venezuela investors meet in Davos as U.S. weighs sanctions

5/20/2022 Energy crunch causing ESG to fall out of favor, warns ex-BP CEO

5/20/2022 Schroeder quits Rosneft job after pressure over Putin ties