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Big Data: What is a significant sample size?

Gavin Ward

At the risk of writing the shortest ever technical article, the answer is 30 or more.

Giving control back to the driller: Fully integrated MPD systems

Mike Vander Staak

A comprehensive suite of products advances drilling with excellent, integrated capabilities

Digitizing operations increases completion efficiency, addresses environmental and cost challenges

Jose Garza

As fracturing intensities continue to push component capabilities, a system-level approach is required to further enhance operational efficiencies. An innovative completion technology ecosystem has delivered OPEX savings and QHSE improvement through system integration, automation and digital control capabilities.

Automating well control for managed pressure drilling operations

Bryan Atchison, Chad Wuest

Automation of drilling operations minimizes safety risks while increasing efficiency. Targeting well control operations provides meaningful advances to operational performance and risk reduction.

Agents of change: Oilfield service companies drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution in oil and gas

Cameron Wallace

Modern, open-architecture programming is unlocking the value of upstream data to deliver more efficient, and safer, workflows that meet the objective of improving return on investment.

Inmarsat launches its first hybrid L- and Ka-band communications satellite

Inmarsat, a leader in global, mobile satellite communications confirmed the successful launch of its first Inmarsat-6 satellite, I-6 F1, by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries from the JAXA Tanegashima Space Center in Japan.

Subsea Data Systems teams with University of Hawai`i to support new SMART Cable project

The new grant supports the development of a new SMART Cable between New Caledonia and Vanuatu in the southwest Pacific Ocean, which will provide essential monitoring for tsunami and earthquake early warning.

Norway’s oil regulator seeks value creation through better use of data

“Having the right data available at the right time and in the right format can have a huge impact for the future of the Norwegian shelf,” says May Karin Mannes, the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate's Director for shelf analyses and data management.

Maersk Drilling launches Horizon56 to drive offshore digitalization

Maersk Drilling has spearheaded an effort to develop a first-of-a-kind product to support digitalization of offshore drilling processes. The solution, known as RigFlow, has now been segregated into the digitally focused company named Horizon56 A/S to drive further development and commercialization.

Equinor taps Cognite to expand data capabilities across its asset portfolio

Cognite announced a collaboration with Equinor to expand data capabilities and support the company’s digital ambitions.

Seeq signs industrial digitalization agreement with Saudi Aramco

Seeq Corporation, a provider of manufacturing and IIoT advanced analytics software, has reached an agreement with Saudi Aramco to further expand its operational analytics strategy as part of the company’s ongoing Digital Transformation program.

WPC 2021: Oil and gas technology holds key to meeting world’s green energy goals

As deadlines on ambitious green-energy targets draw nearer, the infrastructure and expertise of the fossil fuel industry has a critical role to play in reaching the world’s decarbonization goals.

Digital oilfield technologies taking the industry closer to unmanned operations, says GlobalData

The company notes that COVID-19 has been a wake-up call to the upheaval that a sudden drop in energy demand and/or labor availability can cause, and digital oilfield technologies such as digital twins and other remote monitoring solutions will be gamechangers in upstream oil and gas operations.

Digital smart products prove their value for processing technologies

René Mikkelsen, Andreas Hannisdal, Henrik Bjartnes

Applications for condition-based monitoring and performance optimization may become a standard offering accompanying processing equipment deliveries.

Four steps to extract the full potential of a novel data platform

Alan Henson

Whether it’s being used to bring cloud capabilities to the oil and gas industry or enabling the transition to cleaner forms of energy production, the utility of a community-driven consortium data platform depends largely on the angle from which companies approach it.

Leveraging oil and gas digitalization to emerge from the pandemic

Bimal Venkatesh

Following the pandemic, companies are adjusting operating philosophies to focus more on production optimization and maximize existing investments. This growing need has fueled interest in the latest digital offerings, especially for remote operations, visualization, Edge automation and artificial intelligence.

Improving prediction accuracy on flow-induced vibration analysis

Paul Emmerson, Steinar Orre

Experts from Xodus and Equinor ASA provide insight and analysis on why flow-induced vibration is a concern for subsea systems and how they are driving improved industry understanding to eliminate costly and potentially dangerous consequences.

Still scheduling drilling projects the old way? You’re missing out.

Owen Plowman

Effective drilling scheduling is critical to operator success, yet many organizations are still using 1990s-era software and a cumbersome manual process that make tracking to goals difficult. Modern scheduling software yields insights into performance, and projections concerning results, which are invaluable.

Advances of an industry: A case for hybrid drilling

Alex Castillo

Integrating diesel power generation with a battery energy storage system optimizes load profiles, lowering fuel consumption, carbon emissions and operating expenses while stabilizing power supply to improve ROI for onshore drilling contractors.

Innovative RSS design increasing efficiency of drilling more complex wellbore profiles

Lynn Christie, Alex Ngan, Brad Zukiwsky

As operators confront more challenging wells with increasingly complex designs and deeper depths, the industry continues to make advancements with unconventional innovations. A slim-hole RSS is delivering success in North America and Romania, while an innovative drilling strategy has enabled operators to set new performance benchmarks in the North Sea.

Digital oilfield partnerships accelerate delivery of completions innovation

Greg McDonald, Ben Dickinson

Harnessing the digital oil field and building fit-for-purpose business analytics allows E&Ps and service companies to navigate market forces, manage the energy transition, automate processes, contain costs, reduce carbon footprint, and deliver better wells in less time.