Wireline innovations and industry insights with Weatherford

June 07, 2024
Join us for another episode of the Wireline Special Series, part of the World Oil Deep Dive Podcast. Host Jim Watkins and Trey Clark, vice president of wireline products at Weatherford, delve into the vital role of wireline technology in the oil and gas industry. Trey discusses the latest innovations in wireline equipment, the impact of recent acquisitions, and how wireline services contribute to well integrity and longevity. The conversation also explores the industry's role in the energy transition and the expanding applications of wireline technology in geothermal and carbon capture projects. To tune in to listen to more of World Oil's Podcast Series, click here.

Kicking off the wireline special series with DEACERO

GD Energy products - From day one

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WO S6E7: EcoShield: Innovating Sustainable Solutions for Well Construction

July 20, 2023
In this episode, we have a conversation with Saurabh Kapoor, the Product Champion for EcoShield at SLB. EcoShield is an innovative cementing solution designed to enhance the durability of oil and gas wells while minimizing carbon emissions. Saurabh shares insights into the development of EcoShield, including the rigorous lab and field testing it underwent, and explores its potential for various applications. Join us as we delve into the remarkable features and advantages of EcoShield, representing SLB's commitment to sustainable practices.

WODD S6E5: Data Analytics and Engineered Solutions in Hydraulic Fracturing - Live at HFTC

May 05, 2023
In this episode, recorded live at HFTC 2023, Jim Watkins talks with Cam Hornor and Jesse Street from Universal Pressure Pumping. We discuss the importance of creative problem solving at the wellsite, specifically in pressure pumping. They explain how their team analyzes data from frac and cementing jobs to identify anomalies, troubleshoot issues, and provide insight to customers. Cam and Jesse share specific examples of how they have helped customers improve their operations and achieve better results. We also discuss the importance of building strong relationships with their E&P partners, including by providing additional services and resources beyond what is expected.

WODD S6E6: A conversation with the President of Universal Pressure Pumping at HFTC

March 22, 2023
In this episode of World Oil's Deep Dive podcast, Akshay Sagar, CEO of Universal Pressure Pumping (UPP), discusses the company's innovative technique of remote simultaneous fracturing, which allows two wells located at a distance from each other to be fracked simultaneously using a single fleet of equipment. Sagar explains how UPP's solution engineering team worked with Matador Resources to optimize the process and bring production forward by 20 days, while reducing HSE risks and saving costs.

Are we on target to reach net zero by 2050?

February 20, 2023
Watch this round-table discussion on how CCUS is a necessary technique to decarbonize a global economy and meet emissions targets. The SLB Carbon Solutions team discusses the rise in CCUS, its scalability, challenges, and the future vision.

World Oil Meets VortexPrime

October 18, 2022
Catalyst’s newest, innovative product – VortexPrime – is the first-of-its-kind fleet in the fracing marketplace using direct-drive turbine technology. In the past, fracing fleets had to choose between cost savings and ESG. With VortexPrime, it’s now possible to have both fuel savings and lower emissions. Using VortexPrime will result in cleaner, safer, environmentally friendlier, and more cost-efficient production.
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