Data storage

July 04, 2024
Intelligent Wellhead Systems and ProFrac announced the first successful field tests utilizing MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) protocol for the safe and efficient transfer and visualization of wellsite data during hydraulic fracturing operations.
May 22, 2024
UEM is an innovative approach that, for the first time, simultaneously integrates static and dynamic data in real time to represent subsurface conditions across multiple scales. This method improves the accuracy of reservoir models by consistently incorporating geologic uncertainties, making UEM vital to optimize reservoir recovery under uncertainty.
March 2024
Late-life assets present a myriad of challenges that operators must tackle to ensure continued safety and integrity. Robust data management strategies play an increasingly pivotal role in optimizing asset performance in mature assets to ensure economic viability.
March 01, 2024
The Decommissioning Data Visibility Dashboard now includes field-specific information from 15 operators, compared with three when it was piloted by the North Sea Transition Authority (NSTA) and the Decommissioning and Repurposing Taskforce (DaRT) in November 2021.
February 22, 2024
By synergizing their capabilities, the partnership will grant Enertel direct access to a customer’s entitled TGS well data, including the utilization of TGS Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) embedded directly within QuantumCast, facilitating enhanced operational efficiency and decision-making.
February 19, 2024
The solution connects Shell’s exploration teams to relevant seismic data. With rapid access, Shell can now focus on informed decision-making in the dynamic energy landscape.
February 12, 2024
The newly added dataset allows real-time delivery of well economic statistics, providing users with valuable insights into oil and gas asset performance based on highly accurate well data and well-specific cost models.
December 03, 2023
Industries that explore and operate in deepwater sites around the world including South America, the Gulf of Mexico and West Africa can now deploy Vaarst’s SubSLAM X2 technology to deliver complete spatial reconstructions to advance understanding of challenging subsea environments using SubSLAM Deeper.
November 09, 2023
By combining ProACT's advanced analytics with Max Platform's powerful data capabilities, operators can optimally manage the construction of wells.
October 11, 2023
The digital workflows will use the OSDU Data Platform standards to improve the positive customer experience by business users—increasing efficiency and collaboration, while producing better insights to Shell and the energy industry.

Applying Gen AI for Drilling Optimization: Insights from a Real-World Implementation

October 18, 2023
Drilling Activity generates a significant amount of data. This data is typically captured across a variety of sources such as time and depth series data from geological surveys and drilling operations, unstructured data from End of Well reports, and structured data from internal IT systems. To date, synthesizing this data into a usable format and generating actionable insights has been a challenge. In this talk, we present results from a fielded Gen AI solution that synthesizes data from our historic drilling wells in Romania and provides a natural language interface for drilling experts to interact with. Additionally, it provides recommendations for optimizing well design and performance parameters based on past results. Our goal is to reduce project costs by streamlining information discovery and improve decision accuracy by leveraging data-backed insights.
September 21, 2023
Huawei's intelligent E&P solution integrates high-performance computing, massive data storage, AI exploration models, and collaborative scheduling of software and hardware resources.
September 05, 2023
The Intelevate platform from Summit ESP– A Halliburton Service - seamlessly integrates historical engineering and performance data with active operational information to provide a holistic view of an operator’s ESP system.
August 30, 2023
An advantage unique to MetaBlue is its ability to bring together all the information relating to an offshore seismic survey within a single ecosystem.
August 24, 2023
This solution for onshore subsurface data acquisition empowers clients with the fastest conceivable access to their seismic images. By processing the data at its source, companies can now attain subsurface insights in record time.
August 08, 2023
WaveSystem will support offshore work, including cable and pipe lay, offshore installations, new floating production storage and offloading (FPSO) projects and drillship activities during well decommissioning. 
August 02, 2023
The surge in data uploads – much of it seismic surveys which provide irreplaceable information which can be used to explore for hydrocarbons or find suitable locations for carbon storage and offshore wind - has been enabled by the NSTA setting-up a self-service workflow system taking the time and expense out of the process.
August 01, 2023
The latest updates to the Versal platform are designed to offer even more convenience and scalability for exploration and production, data management and procurement team members through the introduction of Versal Pro and Premium tiers.
May 30, 2023
Diskos 2.0 stores critical exploration and production data and is vital to drive investments in Norway’s oil and gas industry.
May 2023
Data: “The great equalizer”
December 22, 2022
The Ramform Victory will most likely be rigged to acquire the Barracuda-Caratinga 4D survey, supported by PGS Apollo as a source vessel. Mobilization is scheduled to start in Q2 2023 and acquisition is expected to be completed in early 2024.
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