Halliburton unveils digital data platform to optimize ESP performance

World Oil Staff September 05, 2023

(WO) – Halliburton Company introduced Intelevate, a new data science-driven platform that helps operators design, build and operate end-to-end electrical submersible pump (ESP) monitoring solutions. This application can be customized for specific needs. 

The Intelevate platform from Summit ESP– A Halliburton Service - seamlessly integrates historical engineering and performance data with active operational information to provide a holistic view of an operator’s ESP system. The service intelligently processes, analyzes and models production data with real-time visualization and reporting to develop a comprehensive optimization plan, including remote changes and interventions, to achieve production goals.

“The Intelevate platform uses existing data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with real-world experience, to provide accurate predictions, insights and potential solutions for critical business decisions,” said Greg Schneider, Vice President for Artificial Lift. “With the Intelevate platform, we support safe and sustainable ESP operations by delivering extensive, customizable technical well monitoring and optimization solutions, allowing us to maximize the asset value for our customers.”

This transformative service enables Halliburton to provide a collaborative experience that enhances the customer’s decision making for current and future ESP system optimization. Halliburton also provides petroleum engineers, field technicians and application engineers, who are on call to provide monitoring support around the clock, as part of the mission to add the greatest asset value for the customer.

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