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Project Profile: DPS Oil and Gas Power Rental

  • Location: Texas
  • Power/Voltage: 9 MW Prime @ 12.47 kV
  • Equipment:
    • 5 XQ1475 Power Modules
    • 5 480V to 12.47 kV step-up transformers
    • 15 kV fused disconnect

Distributed Power Solutions (DPS) was contacted by an exploration and production Oil & Gas company in Texas for the purpose of providing temporary power to their Electric Submersible Pumps (ESPs) until they could get utility power. Across 7 acres, they had two separate well pads located adjacent to each other with a total of 11 wells, each with an ESP to power.

As part of DPS’ turnkey service, a site visit was completed to assess the customer’s setup and provide customized solutions based on the project’s technical requirements. While performing the site visit, DPS noticed that the customer had a setup with highline poles and pole-mounted transformers in place and cable was already running to each individual ESP. DPS determined that setting up a microgrid would be their best option as we could centralize all power generation equipment.

A microgrid would also be beneficial because the generators would run on compressed natural gas (CNG), therefore, having all the units together would eliminate the need for two CNG setups. Two setups would have required a significant number of fuel piping runs and/or several lines of cabling. Furthermore, DPS’s lean burn natural gas generator, which has a greater efficiency than rich burn engines, provided the customer with additional savings on fuel cost.

With the customer’s previous setups, they used smaller gensets at each ESP, so when they connected to the grid, they would have to remove the generator leads from the ESP disconnect and reconnect the permanent cable. With DPS’ setup, they only had to pull four fuses from the pole cut-outs and have the utility tie-in. An additional benefit of setting up a medium voltage microgrid would be to help the customer reduce their downtime when they were ready to connect to the grid.

Distributed Power Solutions provides turnkey engineered power generation rental solutions utilizing natural gas as its main fuel source. DPS provides reciprocating engine generators, gas turbine generators, and electrical distribution equipment to support the oil and gas industry. With the highest power efficiency available on the market, DPS saves customers money on the amount of fuel required to power operations thus reducing operational costs.

Contact DPS today if you’re looking for a reputable power solutions company knowledgeable of the industry and has the mobility and range of equipment to support your power needs.

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