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The Highly Capable Podcast is a dynamic show that offers insights and inspiration for individuals seeking to excel in their careers and industries. Hosted by Keith Chometsky and Frank Cantrell, the podcast features interviews with highly capable individuals from the manufacturing and supply chain world, as well as other fields. The show explores the mindset, habits, and strategies that enable these individuals to achieve their goals, overcome challenges, and make an impact in their organizations and communities. Additionally, The Highly Capable Podcast provides a comprehensive resource for professionals in the supply chain and logistics industries, featuring discussions on emerging trends, best practices, and real-world examples of successful operations. With its emphasis on high performance and expertise, The Highly Capable Podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking to reach their full potential.

Season 2 / Episode 9: Andrew Little - Premium Oilfield Technologies

We continue to bring out the big guns on Season 2, no Blackhawk Platoon Leader this go-around (click here for that episode!) but Andrew Little is a proud Texas Tech Red Raider so absolutely - GUNS UP!

Andrew Little is the Vice President of Business Development at Premium Oilfield Technologies and his journey to this role included a series of Project Management, Supply Chain, and Sales roles.  You will NOT regret spending time to hear his story, understand what sharpens his skills, and what has fueled his success.

Supply chain and logistics challenges remain to be the center of conversation; Frank Cantrell and Keith Chometsky continue to bring leaders in this space for their listeners.

Listen now!

Season 2 / Episode 8: Miguel Gastellum - Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure

We promised some big guns on Season 2, and we weren’t lying. The next guest on the Highly Capable Podcast started his career carrying some big ones as a Blackhawk helicopter assault platoon leader!

Miguel Gastellum is the Vice President of Supply Chain and Operations for Solaris Oilfield Infrastructure. He is a veteran, who’s now armed with an MBA from Wharton and a mind for Supply Chain. Join Frank Cantrell and Keith Chometsky in an engaging conversation with Miguel about how he continues to fire on all cylinders, and his journey so far navigating his organizations through supplychain and logistical challenges. 

Season 2 / Episode 7: Mark McDaniel - McDaniel+Cullen

An hour with a true oilfield supply chain legend!

Mark McDaniel graciously spends time with Keith and Frank to discuss his incredible, impactful, and legendary 40+ year career.  Spanning E&P majors and independents, Oilfield Services to now, a boutique consulting firm with a global impact, McDaniel & Cullen, Mark has seen it all. 

Mark's journey from being an individual contributor to becoming a massive organizational leader, while upholding unwavering integrity and respect at every turn, is unparalleled. He is the epitome of #highlycapable. 

This is a fantastic listen and we hope that you enjoy it!

Season 2 / Episode 6: Dr. Victor Wayhan - University of Houston

Let's get schooled in supply chain and manufacturing!

In this installment of The Highly Capable Podcast, hosts Frank Cantrell and Keith Chometsky do a deep dive with a true legend in the space, Dr. Victor Wayhan, Ph. D. Sr. Professor of Practice at the University of Houston's C.T. Bauer College of Business.
Dr. Vic has been instrumental in the vision, development, and scaling of University of Houston's Supply Chain Management program.  Driving curriculum alignment with business needs, and preparing newly minted graduates for genuinely impactful work as they transition into industry.
You will not want to miss a look (listen) into Vic's amazing career journey and his significant broad impact on the function! 

Season 2 / Episode 5: Danny Rehg - Criterion Energy Partners

Brace yourself for an exceptional episode on The Highly Capable Podcast, the first recorded live from the floor of the Offshore Technology Conference! We convened in the Energy Transition Pavilion to discuss an energy source not typically front of mind: geothermal! Our guest this episode, Danny Rehg, the Co-Founder and CEO of Criterion Energy Partners, brings a fresh perspective to the table as the leader of a next-generation energy and technology company.  Danny is an engineer by trade, hails from Anadarko Petroleum, and is yet another Rice MBA alumni to visit the show.

Join hosts Frank Cantrell and Keith Chometsky as they dive deep into the captivating topic of Energy in Transition.

Don't miss out on this unique and enlightening conversation that sheds light on the evolving landscape of energy.

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Special Announcement: Upright Digital + World Oil

Upright Digital and World Oil, a brand of Gulf Energy Information (Gulf), are delighted to announce an expanded collaboration in support of each other's Podcast efforts in the dynamic upstream oil, gas, and energy marketplace.  Since our initial partnership on the Oilfield360 podcast in 2019, we have achieved remarkable success, leading to this deeper integration and shared commitment to cross-promoting excellent podcast content.
We are proud to highlight the exponential growth of our diverse podcast lineup, including the highly popular Oilfield 360 Podcast, The Energy in Transition Podcast, World Oil's Deep Dive podcast and others, which have garnered widespread acclaim and captivated audiences worldwide. These podcasts have set new benchmarks, offering valuable insights and driving meaningful conversations within the energy industry.
Behind this flourishing alliance lies the strong friendship between Josh Lowrey and Andy McDowell, who have shared a profound vision for the industry's success for many years. Their collaborative spirit and unwavering dedication have paved the way for a partnership rooted in a true win-win approach.
Josh Lowrey, Co-Founder of Upright Digital, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "Our longstanding friendship with World Oil has been instrumental in our joint pursuit of podcasting excellence. We are thrilled to embark on this enhanced partnership, which allows us to leverage our combined expertise and resources for the benefit of our listeners and the energy industry as a whole."
Andy McDowell, SVP of Media at Gulf and as of August 1 will assume the role of President, added, "Through our expanded collaboration with Upright Digital, we aim to elevate the podcasting experience and further contribute to the success and sustainability of the upstream energy sector.  World Oil has experienced tremendous growth with our digital media platforms and our own podcast network.  By partnering with podcasts like Oilfield360, The Energy in Transition and others reflects our unwavering commitment to delivering and expanding the reach of valuable content and fostering dialogue within the industry."
Stay tuned as we bring you thought-provoking discussions and captivating insights through our exciting lineup of podcasts, including World Oil's Deep Dive, The Reservoir and Oilfield Electrification Technologies as well as Upright Digital's Energy in Transition, Highly Capable, Oilfield360 and Street Smart podcasts.  We are excited to recognize World Oil as the exclusive “Media Partner” of Upright Digital's podcasts moving forward.

Together, we are driving innovation, knowledge sharing, and the growth of the energy industry. Join us on this incredible journey and for more information, subscribe to these podcasts at ​www.uprightdigital.com and www.worldoil.com/podcasts! 

Season 2 / Episode 4: Corey Vickers - Tata Consultancy Services

Get ready to meet our next guest on The Highly Capable Podcast: Corey Vickers, a true supply chain superstar! With an education from the United States Air Force Academy and over 20 years of experience in supply chain-focused roles, Corey is one of the most accomplished professionals in the industry.
As a Logistics Officer for the USAF, a Logistics Manager for GE, a Global Logistics and Operations lead for Chevron, and most recently an Engagement Director for Tata Consultancy Services, Corey has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in all things #supplychain. We can't wait to hear his thoughts on leadership, strategy, and the future of the industry.
Join us as we dive into Corey's career journey, insights, and perspectives on the latest trends in supply chain. Don't miss this opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the field.
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Season 2 / Episode 3: Santosh Mathilakath - Modumetal, Inc.

Continuing with the Supply Chain Heavy Hitters – Santosh Mathilakath, CEO of Modumetal!

In this episode, Santosh takes control of the podcast almost immediately, and we go on an incredible journey learning about Santosh’s life story: from India to Japan to Houston and beyond!

Not only is Santosh an expert in the supply chain and manufacturing fields, but he is also one of the most thoughtful and influential leaders that you’ll ever hear.  So, let’s jump in and learn firsthand what it takes to be highly capable from one of the best in the business.

This season, we are proud to have the support of our fantastic Sponsors, including MS Directional, POK Castings a Nucor Co., Galtway Industries, ClearSync Solutions, Upright Digital and World Oil. Without them, this show would not be possible.

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Season 2 / Episode 2: Brian Smith - NextPro Consulting

Time to Level Up The Highly Capable Podcast!

Episode 2, Season 2:  This episode features the Highly Capable Brian Smith, former Head of Supply Chain of Repsol, and Talisman, and Sr Leader at Chevron.  He’s currently the President and Founder of NextPro Consulting.

In this episode, Keith and Frank introduce Brian and his incredibly fascinating journey to Executive Leadership roles within the Energy Supply Chain.  You’ll get to know about his global expeditions, his career path to senior functional roles, and understand the personal and professional challenges faced along the way. 

Brian is a true expert in supply chain and manufacturing; this episode you’ll learn firsthand what it takes to be Highly Capable. 

We're thrilled to have the support of our fantastic sponsors for this season, including MS Directional, POK Castings a Nucor Co., Galtway Industries, ClearSync Solutions, Upright Digital and World Oil. Without them, this show would not be possible.

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Season 2 / Episode 1: The newest, Highly Capable co-host

Season 2 is here, and we're kicking things off with a dynamic episode that features our hosts Keith Chometsky and Frank Cantrell, as well as an occasional guest hosting from Josh Lowrey.

In this episode, you'll get to know Keith and Frank, and learn about their backgrounds, expertise, and vision for the podcast. From discussing the importance of high performance and expertise in manufacturing and supply chain, to exploring the latest trends and challenges in the industry, to highlighting the personal journeys and lessons learned by our guests, The Highly Capable Podcast offers a wealth of insights and inspiration for professionals in the field.

We're thrilled to have the support of our fantastic sponsors for this season, including MS Directional, POK Castings- A Nucor Company, Galtway Industries, ClearSync Solutions, Upright Digital, and World Oil. Without them, this show would not be possible.

Stay tuned for more episodes featuring highly capable individuals and experts from across the manufacturing and supply chain world. Be sure to follow us on all social media channels for more information and updates.

Thanks for listening, and let's get started on Season 2!

Season 1 / Episode 10: Scott Milliren- Rally Point Energy Services

The Grand Finale of Season 1: Scott Milliren! CEO, Entrepreneur, West Point graduate, Pilot, Executive Chairman, and Captain in the US Army. Scott is the definition of a Highly Capable person, and exactly the person we enjoy hearing from on the Highly Capable Podcast. We can think of nobody better to end our first season, except maybe Jeff Bezos (invitation pending).

Tune in to hear what makes him tick, and how he came to be the founder of multiple successful companies.

Season 1 / Episode 9: Cam Barrett & Jeff Boettiger- Field Safe Solutions

Two more out-of-towners visited the Highly Capable studio to share their journeys and wisdom. One is from Calgary, and the other from a faraway land called Dallas. Cam Barrett is the CEO and Jeff Boettiger is the VP of US Sales for Field Safe Solutions, a cloud-based SaaS company based in Alberta. We learn how these two got here, lessions they have learned in the process, and what they believe the future impact of their technology will be across multiple industries and supply chains.

Season 1 / Episode 8: Mush Khan- Alchemy Industrial

We were fortunate to have Mush Khan come by to talk with us about his professional journey and his current passions. Formerly the President of O'Rourke Petroleum and the CEO of Ringers Gloves, Mush has robust experience with international business and global supply chains, and he recently started a 3D printing company called Alchemy Industrial.

Co-hosted by Frank Cantrell and Robert Husband from Galtway Industries.

Season 1 / Episode 7: Joel Neidig & Kurt Hanby- SIMBA Chain & ITAMCO

Two guests, two companies, and a myriad of topics covered! From golf to gears, and chips to bits. Joel Neidig is the founder and CEO of SIMBA Chain, and Kurt Hanby does Business Development for ITAMCO. With their powers combined, we talked about the origins of both companies, how they use Blockchain technology, what it is, and how we can get from just talking about Blockchain to the benefits of actually incorporating it into a supply chain.

Season 1 / Episode 6: Michael Perschke- Heshka Oil

Michael Pershke, the Founder and President of Heshka Oil, sat down with us in the Flecha Azul Studio to share his journey, and how he is able to be one of the few companies growing in a down market. We talk entrepreneurship, starting small, growing right, and making your supply chain and manufacturing efforts work for you. Also Corvettes.

Co-hosted by Frank Cantrell and Robert Husband from Galtway Industries.

Season 1 / Episode 5: Elgin Tracy- Entrepreneur

We are starting the New Year right, with a new Highly Capable episode! Elgin Tracy came by to the studio to discuss his path thus far in life, and what a resume it is! Elgin started off as a Rodeo Cowboy, to racing cars, to working in the oilfield, to starting multiple companies including most recently a medical PPE manufacturing business.

People like Elgin exemplify what it means to be Highly Capable, and we had a great time trying to figure out what makes him tick.

Season 1 / Episode 4: David Nemetz & Ryan Bludau- Gilmore

A two for one special! For this episode we have two guests- David Nemetz & Ryan Bludau with Gilmore, a Proserv company. Gilmore produces oil and gas subsea components as well as other product lines in house, so we wanted to tap their brains to find out how they do it and how they got here! Frank Cantrell hosts and is joined by Robert Husband as co-host.

Season 1 / Episode 3: Anthony Matson- Trendsetter Engineering

Anthony Matson, the Vice President of Projects for Trendsetter Engineering joins us for episode 3! Trendsetter Engineering is a leader in contemporary subsea solutions that specializes in solving unconventional problems in a crisis environment. Anthony was gracious enough to stop by the studio and walk us through how he got here, where he came from, and what he thinks makes his supply network tick.

Season 1 / Episode 2: Robert Husband- Galtway Industries

A new member joins the team! Robert Husband is an industry veteran who has risen to the top of every organization he has been a part of, and we want to welcome him to the Galtway Industries and Highly Capable team. Robert Husband will be heading up the North American Pressure Pumping market along with other channels. Frank Cantrell is the host and has a special guest host- Josh Lowrey, President of Galtway Industries!

Season 1 / Episode 1: Allen Bell- NOV/ARM

For the inaugural episode we have the illustrious Allen Bell, who was the Global Category Manager for National Oilwell Varco, and is now the Director of Supply Chain Management for Arabian Rig Manufacturing. We talk supply chain, manufacturing, COVID struggles, and the launching of a major manufacturing company from the ground up!

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