The FPSO Coalition

Join our panel of experts from SLB, Rockwell Automation, Sensia, and Cognite as they delve into strategies for accelerating the performance evolution of new and existing FPSOs. Stay updated on the latest insights, technologies, and innovations in this podcast series dedicated to optimizing FPSO performance.
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Accelerate and De-risk the FPSO Project Cycle

In this episode of the FPSO Coalition Podcast, join Kiona Y. Meade in conversation with industry experts Greg Trostel, Global Business Development Manager of Floating Production at Rockwell Automation, and Jim Keogh, Global Product Manager for SLB. Together, they explore strategies for accelerating FPSO project cycles, de-risking operations, and ensuring sustainability.


Learn how early engagement, digital solutions, and strategic partnerships play crucial roles in shaping the future of FPSO projects. Gain valuable insights from Greg and Jim as they discuss their experiences and the importance of setting clear goals for the industry's advancement. Don't miss this dynamic discussion that's shaping the FPSO landscape.

Unlocking Insights: Leveraging Contextualized Data for FPSO Operations

In this third episode of The FPSO Coalition Podcast, Prabu Parthasarathy, Cognite’s Global VP, and Kiona Y. Meade, SLB’s Digital Business Owner, delve into the immense value of data in operations of floating production, storage, and offloading (FPSO) operations. They kick off the discussion by exploring different data types—from engineering technology, information technology, and operational technology (ET, IT, and OT, respectively)—and highlight how the coalition's unique ability to contextualize this data sets it apart. Kiona and Prabu next emphasize the importance of knowledge transfer from project design to operations, particularly as it applies to data. They also shed light on how contextualization plays a pivotal role in FPSO operations, explaining its significance and implications. 

Now that they’ve set the scene, Prabu and Kiona share real-life use cases where contextualization has driven transformative changes in operations, showcasing how extracting value from data is an ongoing process that can guide crucial business decisions. Along the way, they address intriguing questions, such as the distinctive aspects of data contextualization for FPSOs compared with other assets, repercussions of an inadequate data foundation, and how data's status as the world's most valuable asset ties into FPSO operations.

Revolutionizing FPSO Asset Performance: Unleashing the Power of Unified APM

Join SLB’s Ben Hewitt and Rockwell Automation’s Pal Roach as they discuss how the open coalition of SLB, Rockwell Automation, Sensia, and Cognite is reimagining asset performance management (APM) for FPSOs. 

In this episode, you’ll discover how FPSO owners and operators are demanding more-effective approaches to optimizing the end-to-end production process and outcomes while enabling maximum uptime. The coalition’s unified APM enables both uptime assurance and system optimization, the latter through asset and process digital twins.  

Ben and Pal discuss the strategic implementation of remote and autonomous operations and inspection and how they provide real-time data to fuel the APM's continuous improvement. You’ll hear about real-world FPSO results, including unwavering equipment uptime, optimized system performance, identification of untapped potential, and the ability to maintain their license to operate while achieving exceptional performance with minimal environmental impact. Tune in now for a fascinating exploration of the future of asset performance management in the FPSO industry.

Transforming FPSO Performance: Collaboration, Digital Innovation, and Sustainability

In the first episode of our new podcast series on FPSOs we talk with SLB’s Matt Mohajer and Rockwell Automation’s Greg Trostel discuss the collaboration between SLB, Rockwell, Sensia, and Cognite to transform FPSO asset design, construction, and operation using digital technologies. The collaboration aims to enhance operational visibility, reliability, and predictability while reducing failures and downtime. The episode explores the market opportunity for digital FPSO evolution, the industry's shift towards openness and collaboration, and strategies for sustainable FPSO development. It also addresses the challenges faced by FPSO operators and how the coalition plans to tackle them.

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