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Advanced Support for Well Optimization

Thursday, December 2, 2021 9:00 AM

Across all applications, from conventional and unconventional fields to deep-water, HPHT wells and special applications, Vallourec provides you with competitive and innovative solutions to help you select the products and services best suited for your projects. As oil & gas projects become even more challenging, new solutions are needed to enable critical projects or to address Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) challenges. Vallourec is able to support you on decision making by using advanced techniques, such as casing wear assessment during well design as well as simulation of in-situ well environment based on thermodynamic calculation and advanced corrosion testing to simulate real operational conditions. During this webcast, concrete examples will be presented by our experts that demonstrate Vallourec’s expertise in well design and material selection.

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Hydrogen-tight connections for underground storage

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 9:00 AM

Large-scale hydrogen underground storage will be instrumental in global decarbonization and careful management of a storage well’s integrity and sealability will be essential to guarantee its success. Premium OCTG threaded connections are used to connect casing and tubing pipes in these wells. Main standards in use for materials (API 5L) and connections (API RP 5C5) do not fully cover hydrogen specificities, especially its higher propensity for leakage. Therefore, qualification methodologies need to be adapted accordingly. As a leader in tubular solutions, Vallourec developed a new protocol for qualification of connections aimed at hydrogen storage wells. This test program, as well as results showing excellent hydrogen tightness of VAM® 21 premium connection, will be presented in this webcast.

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Drilling Innovations & Technology Forum: Fall 2021

Wednesday, November 10, 2021 10:00 AM

M-I SWACO is carrying drilling fluids into the digital era by bringing together automation, remote operating centers, and cloud computing platforms. The RheoProfiler automated rheometer was developed to automate and transmit critical drilling fluid property measurements to then be ingested real-time by multiple onsite and remote operations centers involved in drilling the well. Utilizing the increased data with our PressPro RT (PPRT) advanced hydraulics fluids modelling software has revealed improvements for multiple drilling parameters. PPRT alerts and reports are communicated to critical team elements in real-time and avoid potential risks. Combining the increased accuracy and frequency of data has also been shown to reduce non-productive time, treatments, and avoid drilling fluid issues related to solids and hydraulics in the wellbore. These digital enhancements lead to an overall improvement in well construction and drilling fluid performance to reduce total cost of operations to drill the wells. Advances in drilling technology increasingly require collaboration by traditional drilling players with partners outside the core of the oil & gas industry. Identifying who can provide the missing innovation pieces – whether it is a technology company to develop software for an advanced exploration system, or an academic researcher with expertise in an obscure chemical discipline – is a critical step for innovation in drilling. Join PatSnap to learn how connected innovation intelligence tools and techniques can be used to empower the drilling industry to discover and collaborate with the best possible partners.

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Principles of Liquid Sampling

Tuesday, October 26, 2021 10:00 AM

Process fluid sampling plays a critical role in maintaining accurate, profitable industrial processes. Pulling liquid samples is often necessary for validating process conditions, ensuring end products are up to specification, and evaluating environmental emissions. Grab sampling—also called spot sampling, laboratory sampling, field sampling, or closed-loop sampling—is a useful way retrieve these samples, but it can be challenging to execute correctly. Learn what it takes for operators and technicians to perform liquid grab sampling correctly in our webinar. Find out how to avoid the small errors can negatively impact sample representativeness and production efficiency, driving up operating costs. Walk away with a better understanding of: -The value of using sample bottles vs. sample cylinders -How to maintain a standard liquid sampling process -The importance of properly designed sample panels

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ShaleTech Hydraulic Fracturing Forum: Fall 2021

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 10:00 AM

Far Field Diversion Strategies - Presented by DiverterPlus: Advances in far field diverter materials and deployment strategies have enabled more consistency and greater efficacy in controlling fracture geometry to optimize production and/or minimize cross-well communication during hydraulic fracturing treatments. Employing simple laboratory techniques to determine the proper material composition can greatly improve the performance and economics of far field diverter with minimal impact on operations, while yielding measurable production improvements. Flowback Aids Case Study Unearths Hidden Benefits - Presented by Stepan Oilfield Solutions: The use of flowback aids in hydraulic fracturing is not a new topic, but previous case studies have focused primarily on the resultant increased production. Stepan Oilfield Solutions is taking it one step further. Join us as we discuss the results of a recent set of field trials with Raney Energy and also look at the holistic costs and benefits of using Stepan’s PETROSTEP® ME-2 Flowback Aid. The field trials were conducted on four vertical wells in the Mississippian Limestone play in South Central Kansas, and are compared with nearby, similarly completed wells. The analysis will cover not only the production, but also aspects of the treatment, flowback and operating costs of the wells. Sometimes the benefits are not where you expect them to be.

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