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Texas Railroad Commission turns to artificial intelligence to improve seismicity review process

Seismicity reviews are conducted by the Underground Injection Control Department for injection/disposal well permits in areas susceptible to earthquakes and in certain geologic zones.

OCTG sector in the U.S. continues to struggle with extremely restricted supply

Export prices for OCTG from China appear to be softening as the Covid lockdown in Shanghai begins to ease but cases in Beijing are now on the rise.

Two projects in India to feature polymer flooding EOR

Vimal Suhag

Polymer flooding actually dates back to the 1970s and 1980s, but it is enjoying a resurgence of usage, thanks to more recent results in projects.

Multi-stage Texas geothermal well to debut oilfield completion technologies

Danny Rehg, Sean Marshall, Talgat Shokanov, John Oliver

Smart tracers to map injection flow, promote inter-well communication as prelude to full-field development.

Pressure pumping advancements give operators a competitive edge

Efficiency gains are required to enhance completion performance, to promote maximum hydrocarbon recovery. New pressure pumping advances are helping service companies to be more competitive while improving profits for operators.

Exploring annular phase separation phenomena to optimize AICD completion design, to control unwanted effluents

Mojtaba Moradi, Michael Konopczynski

AICDs are the next generation of inflow control technology that autonomously provides a more uniform inflow profile and enhanced production. The FloSure AICD increases oil output over field life and has been deployed successfully in light and heavy oil wells to overcome water or gas breakthrough.

Leveraging AI to solve novel challenges

Michael Krause

A domain-centric approach when applying AI technologies is being used to solve issues in challenging wells.

Using data from drilling to guide completion designs

Kevin Wutherich

Existing but previously unused data obtained during the drilling process can now be used to enhance completion design. The author outlines the available data and discusses how it can be incorporated into the completion design process and ultimately provide economic benefits to an operator.

New system builds on proven technology for reservoir management to smaller platforms and satellite wells

Jon Musselman

A new slickline-deployed, memory-based, cased-hole evaluation system delivers the same quality data used to identify bypassed reserves as conventional wireline but without the higher costs and logistical burdens.

Scarce steel a reason for flat U.S. output, oil drillers say

To drill more wells, they need steel tubes to line the inside of the holes and get the crude out. Those pipes have become more expensive and scarce.

Digitizing operations increases completion efficiency, addresses environmental and cost challenges

Jose Garza

As fracturing intensities continue to push component capabilities, a system-level approach is required to further enhance operational efficiencies. An innovative completion technology ecosystem has delivered OPEX savings and QHSE improvement through system integration, automation and digital control capabilities.

Natural gas-powered direct-drive turbines reduce GHG emissions, improve efficiency during fracing

Dan Fu, Warren Zemlak, Caleb Barclay, Tony Yeung

Increased industry demand for lower emissions, improved operational efficiency and reliability, and competitive capital cost structure, all call for innovative thinking in hydraulic equipment design and engineering. Direct-drive turbine technology has been proven to take up the challenges.

Global LNG boom sends Baker Hughes’ demand soaring beyond expectations

Oil and gas drilling is big business once again, if the leap in demand for services from Baker Hughes Co., the world’s No. 2 oilfield contractor, is any gauge.

Schlumberger places $2 billion bet on strong oilfield service demand growth

Schlumberger is gearing up for growth around the world as the No. 1 oilfield contractor expects recovering economies to ignite several years of crude-demand expansion.

Hunting licenses Nammo Defense tech for perforating applications

Titan Division of Hunting Energy Services announced an exclusive licensing agreement with Nammo Defense Systems Inc. for the manufacture of time delay fuses for Hunting’s perforating applications.

NexTier stock jumps as frac demand swells revenue

NexTier Oilfield Solutions Inc. shares soared more than 20% after the frac provider disclosed higher-than-expected quarterly sales, signaling an acceleration in U.S. shale drilling.