Halliburton introduces “first-of-its-kind” autonomous device to enhance oil, gas recovery

October 02, 2023

(WO) – Halliburton Company introduced the EquiFlow Density autonomous inflow control device (AICD). This first-of-its-kind device addresses reservoir fluid uncertainties and allows the operator to enhance oil and natural gas recovery in wells where current autonomous technologies are limited.

EquiFlow Density uses an innovative density amplifier designed to differentiate reservoir fluids. It incorporates a fluid selector to magnify density forces by creating artificial gravity while making the device completely orientation neutral. The fluid selector opens or closes autonomously to restrict water without any surface intervention. The tool provides a meaningful reduction in water influx, which is typically treated at the surface.

“Most autonomous ICDs rely on reservoir fluid viscosity contrast to differentiate the fluids being produced, but oil and water frequently appear at similar viscosities,” said David Loveless, Vice President, Halliburton Completion Tools. “EquiFlow Density AICD differentiates itself by producing and restricting downhole fluids using density, even when the viscosities are identical. This allows operators to optimize hydrocarbon production in difficult wells where current autonomous technologies are not effectively able to separate the water from the desired oil.”

EquiFlow Density AICD is part of Halliburton’s Advanced Completions portfolio, purposely engineered to improve reservoir management, enhance oil and natural gas recovery, and optimize production to provide higher revenue potential and increased asset value.



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