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A unique breakthrough in material science

Rutger Evers, Taylor Stein, Michael Fripp, Halliburton Completion Tools

An expanding isolation system provides operators with the next generation of cased-hole and open-hole wellbore isolation completions technology while delivering versatility and superior anchoring.

Understanding collapse resistance of casing strings with different cementing configurations

Raffaello Zambetti, Simone Malesani, Paolo Novelli, Tenaris; Luca Paolo Bianchini, Fabio Parrozza, Valentina Gibilterra, Loredana Orlando, Ivan Codognotto, Eni

The limited knowledge of impact of salt-induced loads on structural integrity often leads to overly conservative well design. To gain insight into these phenomena, engineers conducted a series of full-scale tests to fully understand collapse resistance.

Hung up on installation issues?

Jay Geist, Packers Plus Energy Services

Continuous innovation in liner hanger development assists operators in overcoming liner installation and hanger integrity challenges.

NOV delivers record-breaking coiled tubing string

NOV recently delivered the world’s longest and heaviest coiled tubing work string, which comprised 7.57 miles of continuously milled carbon steel tubing.

Static gel strength testing of cement slurries in today’s world

Rob MacLeod, Jeff Moon, AMETEK Chandler Engineering

Gel Strength Development is critical in the evaluation of completion cement slurry design. This article explores the evolution of both the Mechanical and Acoustic laboratory test methods for gel strength testing.

Halliburton launches real-time wireless depth correlation system

Halliburton introduced the DynaTrac Real-Time Wireless Depth Correlation System, a new technology that reduces uncertainty and saves rig-time by enabling operators to accurately position packers, perforating guns and the bottom-hole assembly without running wireline or moving the work string.

Santos names Weatherford ‘Contractor of the Year’

Brett Darley, Executive Vice President, Offshore, Santos, commented, “Weatherford provided a solution that enabled Santos to execute a safe, efficient tubular running operation with hands-free technology. Safety is extremely important at Santos and Weatherford delivered an outcome with zero incidents and zero near-misses.”

Weatherford Vero automated connection integrity successfully completes 100 runs

Weatherford's automated connection integrity system has successfully completed 100 runs and 33,000 tubular connections in operations worldwide.

Weatherford signs $87 million fishing, intervention contract with Petrobras

Weatherford announced the signing of an $87 million contract for fishing and intervention services with Petrobras. The four-year agreement represents the largest fishing contract ever signed by Weatherford. It also constitutes the largest single global award for this scope in the recent past.

Equinor, Weatherford sign $80 million liner hanger agreement

Weatherford has signed an $80 million liner hanger frame agreement with Equinor, representing the largest liner hanger frame agreement ever signed by the company.

Adoption of wireless intelligent completions advances

Annabel Green, Paul Lynch, Tendeka

Wireless intelligent completion technology has the potential to change the way that reservoirs are managed, linking highly segmented and complex wellbore systems to the digital oil field.

Halliburton introduces Elect frac sleeve, improving reservoir access

Halliburton Company has introduced the Elect frac sleeve, a monobore sleeve solution that enables unlimited stage count in multistage fracturing operations.

SPE/ICoTA ’19: Industry showcases digitization and enhanced interpretation models

On the opening day of the joint SPE/ICoTA Well Intervention Conference, operators discussed innovations, new solutions, and case histories in four technical sessions at the meeting held in The Woodlands, Texas.

GEODynamics offers HELLfire perforating system

GEODynamics, Inc. introduces the new patented HELLFire perforating system, a revolutionary solution that allows the oil and gas industry to more effectively complete multi-stage plug-and-perf operations.

Packers Plus has launched complete suite of high-efficiency frac plugs

The latest innovation from Packers Plus Energy Services Inc. is providing operators with higher efficiency plug-and-perf systems worldwide.

High strength alloys and connection options for extreme HPHT wells

Bruce Bradley, JFE Technology Center

Ultra-HPHT wells are challenging the limits of tubular performance, in terms of metallurgy and threaded connections. But higher pressures and temperatures are only part of the challenge. Carbon steel, hot-rolled chromium-based stainless steel, and cold-hardened materials are all options that must be considered to optimize economics in ultra-HPHT applications.

Isolation Technologies improves slurry placement with new combo tool

Isolation Technologies, a designer and manufacturer of zonal isolation equipment, has developed the IsoTech Combo Tool to improve slurry placement with a single tool.

Packers Plus launches PrimeSET liner hanger system

Packers Plus Energy Services launched its PrimeSET liner hanger system. Innovative anti-preset features ensure reliability and performance, resulting in time and cost savings for operators.

Halliburton installs its 1,000th multilateral junction

Halliburton today announced the installation of its 1,000th multilateral junction.

Exxon Mobil awards Alternate Path well packing license to Baker Hughes

Exxon Mobil has awarded Baker Hughes a limited international license to Exxon Mobil’s Alternate Path technology patent portfolio for services of gravel packing cased and openhole completion wells.