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How Are Your Industry Competitors Navigating the Energy Transition?

Wednesday, June 30, 2021 9:00 AM

With an increased focus on climate change and energy transition, companies are pivoting to more sustainable operations raising questions such as: • What are the top drivers influencing actions to reduce CO2? • Which metrics are being used to monitor sustainability? • Will your CO2 reduction strategy provide a competitive advantage? • Which technologies are you investing in to address greenhouse gas emissions? These are just a few of the questions that we asked in an online survey to better understand the strategies and actions industry leaders are taking to meet their sustainability goals. Early results show that half of the companies surveyed believe that investing in sustainability—and the technology that supports it— will provide them with new business opportunities. Please join Lee Nichols, Editor in Chief of Hydrocarbon Processing, as he hosts a lively discussion with Dr. Robert Socolow, Carbon Mitigation Expert, Princeton University, and Ron Beck, Energy Industry Director, AspenTech. Together, they’ll discuss the research findings and provide their own unique insights.

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Agile Subsea Production Systems – Optimize Investment. Maximize Returns.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021 10:00 AM

Historically, the subsea development workflow was sequential, fragmented, and not adaptive to change. That has made it difficult, time consuming, and expensive to manage the changes that are inevitable in the energy industry. OneSubsea Agile Subsea Production Systems—Agile SPS—enhance subsea performance from appraisal through abandonment to mitigate the dynamic risks associated with subsea production system selection, configuration, delivery, and production. And, regardless of your basin’s status, development phase, or current infrastructure, Agile SPS bring optimized performance through its life of field configurability. Agile SPS adapt to dynamic field conditions for the life of the field incorporating a standard platform that starts with a common core and adapts to your requirements with numerous fit-for-purpose functional modules that address technical challenges without affecting the core performance. Discover how Agile SPS offer you the responsiveness, functionality, and certainty that you need to strengthen your business case and optimize economic viability in your basin.

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How to make your offshore operations cyber secure and reliable

Tuesday, June 15, 2021 10:00 AM

Modern offshore operations are highly complex, generating tens of thousands of data points and transmitting them to onshore control centers across multiple types of networks. Offshore facilities also include technologies from many suppliers that interface with the main process control system, each with their own cybersecurity profile. Mature, proven control systems are often selected but require interfaces to new technologies. In this heterogeneous environment that combines old and new, understanding what's on the network can be a significant challenge. Similarly, tracking and managing patches, obsolescence, antivirus, and hardening profiles multiplies in complexity. Many IT offerings do not contemplate these environments so the industry is turning to customized OT cybersecurity products. Register for this free webinar and you will learn - Why cybersecurity is a critical consideration when implementing a de-manning strategy What are the current technologies that are being used in offshore digitalization and threat profiles How to reduce cybersecurity risk for offshore operations

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Operational Excellence with Edge Computing for Oil & Gas

Tuesday, June 22, 2021 10:00 AM

Oil and Gas companies are investing in applications to analyze data in real-time and improve the business performance. That investment involves computing platforms that are reliable in harsh environments where oil and gas assets exist. Streamline Innovations will share their application of advanced technology and how they are enabling clients to meet environmental objectives. Hear from Peter Photos, Streamline Innovations and Corie Allemand, Stratus Technologies on digital initiatives that increase efficiency, safety, and profitability. Join us for a discussion on: -Streamline Innovations use of advanced applications -ROI of Edge Computing for Streamline -Redundancy and virtualization in Edge Computing

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