World Oil webcasts and webinars are in-depth presentations on oil and gas applications, trends and technology. Moderated by a World Oil editor and including technical experts, these events are focused on providing qualified engineers and professionals in the upstream oil and gas industry with the latest information pertaining to offshore and onshore exploring, drilling, completions and production.

Schlumberger’s NeoSteer at-bit steerable systems (ABSSs)

May 19, 2020
Sponsored by: Schlumberger
Schlumberger NeoSteer at-bit steerable systems (ABSSs) are a first-of-their-kind directional drilling innovation that integrate the cutting structure with the steering system. The systems are capable of drilling both high-dogleg severity (DLS) curve sections and straighter, higher-quality lateral sections at high performance in a single run. This technology has been developed as a fit-for-basin solution. NeoSteer ABSSs leverage digital technologies by combining the latest trajectory control algorithms and machine-learning and data analytics to provide our customers improved planning and execution performance. NeoSteer ABSSs have been a complete game changer in the industry, enabling our customers to benefit from improved performance by increasing the rate of penetration, improving well placement accuracy, and drilling a high-quality wellbore—all of which reduce overall well construction costs.

Automated Workflows for Machine Learning: Powerful AI solutions that O&G companies can easily implement

April 29, 2020
Sponsored by: QRI
Advanced predictive analysis utilizing AI and machine learning has become the new standard in the 21st century oil and gas industry. Automated machine learning (AutoML), a technology that automates the process of machine learning training and model deployment, is the best solution for ultimate efficiency in many areas. In this webinar, learn how anyone can apply cutting-edge machine learning (ML) and use it in their production environment with AutoML technologies in an intuitive and collaborative SaaS environment. The technology grants universal AI accessibility to not only machine learning experts, but also to engineers and managers who would like to use AI to streamline their manual workflows. This presentation will demonstrate how to maximize the value of machine learning in the industry via explainable AI and machine learning-based uncertainty quantification. The information provided in the presentation benefits any data-heavy organization in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors, as well as industries outside of oil and gas.

Drilling Innovations & Technology Forum: Spring 2020

April 22, 2020
Sponsored by: Schlumberger, Actenum, Hitched Inc.
During this 60-minute live webcast, we will discuss the following topics: 1) “Data-Driven Asset Management Framework,” with presenter, Rajesh Bade, Risk Reliability Quality Engineer, Schlumberger. 2) “Improving Well Delivery Efficiency through AI-Powered Scheduling,” with presenter, Owen Plowman, Vice President, Actenum Corporation. 3) “The Adoption of Technology in the Oil and Gas Sector,” with presenters, Adam Gilles, Chief Executive Officer, and Lance Richardson, Chief Operating Officer, Hitched Inc.

The Value of Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) for Operators, Drilling Contractors and the Industry

March 12, 2020
Sponsored by: Weatherford
This webcast will discuss the commercial and financial benefits available to Operators and Drilling Contractors via Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD). The program will assess the underlying technical benefits and hazard mitigation MPD brings to every drilling operation. We’ll look at real results from land and offshore around the world and consider how new technologies are changing the commercial drilling landscape at an unprecedented pace, along with their impact on tendering and rig rates. MPD brings significant financial benefits to operators, often more than drilling engineers realize, primarily because of historically limited use and academic training. Make no mistake, in today’s market conditions, MPD is the tool to answer Drilling Contractors’ immediate need to commercialize their investment.

Oil & Gas Forecast 2020

February 26, 2020
Sponsored by: PESA
Now in its 94th year, the World Oil Forecast/Review is one of the upstream oil and gas industry's most trusted sources of projections and data relating to global E&P activity. Utilizing data collected from proprietary surveys of governments and operators in the U.S., Canada and worldwide, this definitive industry report includes projections for spending and worldwide drilling and production, plus an analysis of political factors impacting the industry, both domestically and abroad.
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