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Halliburton introduces StrataStar real-time multilayer visualization while drilling

Halliburton Company today introduced StrataStar™, a deep azimuthal resistivity service that provides multilayer visualization to maximize well contact with the reservoir and improve real-time reserves evaluation.

Executive Viewpoint: 3D digital twin tech delivers visual context to O&G Sector, is “game changer’ for inspections

Simon Bae

The oil and gas industry is unique in many ways, and one of them is the harshness of the environments in which many oil and gas facilities operate.

Offshore Technology Conference 2022 recognizes Spotlight on New Technology Award winners

This prestigious award is presented to OTC exhibitors who are revolutionizing the future of offshore energy through technological advancement and innovation.

How to build more productive critical fluid systems with FK series fittings

Reducing maintenance spending, enhancing operational safety, and increasing speed of production are major motivators in today’s upstream oil and gas market. Find out how to accomplish these goals with specific tube fitting technology designed for high performance in critical applications.

Pasqal and ARAMCO developing quantum computing applications for the energy industry

Pasqal, a developer of neutral atom-based quantum technology, and ARAMCO announced the signing of an MoU to collaborate on quantum computing capabilities and applications in the energy sector.

Schlumberger announces deployment of reservoir engineering digital solutions

ConocoPhillips will use Schlumberger digital solutions enabled by the DELFI environment to bring its reservoir engineering modeling, data and workflows to the cloud.

World Oil analysis: Significant majority of U.S. imports of Russian “oil” are products

We think it’s important to actually quantify the extent to which the U.S. is importing Russian crude and products. Politicians have referred to “Russian oil” as if all imports from that country are strictly crude oil. This is not true.

USA Industries introduces GripSafe® ST, advanced solution for piping isolation and test plugs

USA Industries introduced its patented GripSafe ST piping isolation and test plugs for use in refineries, chemical processing facilities, gas and power plants, as well as offshore production platforms and FPSO's.

TDI-Brooks adds Datem Neptune 5000 to geotechnical capabilities

In the Summer of 2021, TDI-Brooks took delivery of a Neptune 5000 CPT System from Datem.

Belzona announces Belzona 5815 – a containment grade coating with enhanced flexibility

Asset owners tend to opt for containment areas coated with protective coatings. Some coatings are specifically designed for chemical resistance to aggressive chemicals whereas others are less chemically resistant but more flexible, hence ideal for crack bridging. Products like Belzona 4361 provide both outstanding chemical resistance and flexibility.

BlueDock connector’s automatic anti-rotational key improves safety, running speed at the rig

This innovation eliminates all manual operations associated with the Anti-Rotational Keys activation, reducing risks and improving running speeds.

Schlumberger introduces GeoSphere 360 3D reservoir mapping-while-drilling service

Schlumberger announced at the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) the introduction of the GeoSphere 360* 3D reservoir mapping-while-drilling service.

Energy seismic technology deployed in Antarctica ahead of potential use on distant icy moons

Scientists have deployed a network of seismometers onto Antarctica’s Brunt Ice Shelf in an experiment which will test the ability of the instruments to operate on icy moons of the Solar System.

OZ Lifting launches spark resistant products

OZ Lifting has launched two spark resistant products—a chain hoist and push beam trolley—both available from 0.5-ton to 10-ton capacity.

GEODynamics introduces data analytics tool to predict proppant and fluid flow

GEODynamics, a global technology and manufacturing leader in perforating, downhole completion, intervention, and wireline conveyed solutions, introduced its new StageCoach™ data analytics modeling solution.

New products and services

Craig Fleming

High-torque, high-flow drilling motor completes longer laterals faster, with greater control

New products and services

Emily Querubin

Products and services

Emily Querubin

Products and services

New products and services

New products and services