Halliburton introduces wellbore-positioning service to optimize drilling operations

World Oil Staff September 18, 2023

(WO) – Halliburton Company introduced GuideStar, a service that uses high-resolution sampling to provide continuous, definitive survey measurements for more precise wellbore positioning.

The GuideStar service enhances well delivery by increasing the understanding of the centerline wellbore placement and reducing survey time. It enables proactive, real-time steering decisions to help avoid a reduction in the rate of penetration when landing a well or at critical intervals of the wellbore.

“The GuideStar service’s high-resolution sampling rate optimizes real-time drilling decisions and minimizes tortuosity throughout the wellbore,” said Jim Collins, Vice President, Sperry Drilling. “This allows for smoother casing runs, and it facilitates bottom hole assembly fatigue and wear calculations to ensure quality and reliability.”

As part of the iStar intelligent drilling and logging platform, the GuideStar service delivers high-resolution survey measurements to improve true vertical depth (TVD) adjustments while drilling by delivering survey measurements with real-time adjustments.

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