World Oil webcasts and webinars are in-depth presentations on oil and gas applications, trends and technology. Moderated by a World Oil editor and including technical experts, these events are focused on providing qualified engineers and professionals in the upstream oil and gas industry with the latest information pertaining to offshore and onshore exploring, drilling, completions and production.

Oilfield Water Management Forum: Spring 2019

March 28, 2019
Sponsored by: Hydrozonix, NOV
During this 60 minute live webcast, Moderator, Joe D. Woods, President, International Pinpoint, will lead discussion on these topics: 1) “Produced Water Management Trends and Cost Effective Recycling”, with presenter Mark Patton, President and CEO, Hydrozonix. 2) “Detecting and Recovering Oil from Flowback and Produced Water”, with presenter Mark Wolf, Director of Onshore Facilities, NOV.

ShaleTech™ Hydraulic Fracturing Forum: Winter 2019

February 21, 2019
Sponsored by: Thru Tubing Solutions, GEODynamics, Nissan Chemical America Corporation
During this 60 minute live webcast, Moderator, Joe D. Woods, President, International Pinpoint, will lead discussion on these topics: 1) “Replacing Bridge Plugs Can Lead to Cost Savings and Increased Production”, with presenter, Jenna Robertson, SlicFrac Product Line Manager, Thru Tubing Solutions. 2) “Perforating Design Impacts on Hydraulic Fracturing”, with presenter, Steve Baumgartner, Sr. Engineering Technical Advisor, GEODynamics. 3) “Continued Enhancement of Fracturing Shale Formation Stimulation Results Using Silicon Dioxide Nanoparticle Dispersions”, with presenter, Yusra Ahmad, Sr. Petroleum Engineer, Nissan Chemical America Corporation.

Artificial Lift Forum: 2019

February 12, 2019
Sponsored by: Forum Energy, Gyrodata, Materion
During this 60 minute live webcast, Moderator, Joe D. Woods, President, International Pinpoint, will lead discussion on these topics: 1) “Solutions to Extend the Life of ESPs”, with presenter, Jason Williams, Director of Operations, Forum Energy Technologies – Forum Multilift Solutions. 2) “High Resolution Logging Service Identifies Wellbore Tortuosity for Production Equipment Placement and Optimization”, with presenter, Rob Shoup, Operations Technical Support Manager, Gyrodata. 3) “New Field Data on High-Performance Alloy Couplings that Optimize Efficiency and Productivity on Rod Lift Wells”, with presenter, Bill Bishop, Global Oil and Gas Market Manager, Materion Performance Alloys and Composites.

Oil & Gas Forecast 2019

February 07, 2019
Sponsored by: PESA
Now in its 93rd year, the World Oil Forecast/Review is one of the the upstream oil and gas industry's most trusted sources of projections and data relating to global E&P activity. Utilizing data collected from proprietary surveys of governments and operators in the U.S., Canada and worldwide, this definitive industry report includes projections for spending and worldwide drilling and production, plus an analysis of political factors impacting the industry, both domestically and abroad.

Frac Hits: Child-Parent Interactions

January 31, 2019
Sponsored by: Frac Diagnostics, MicroSeismic, NCS
In North America’s most active shale fields, infill drilling and hydraulic fracturing of new wells is placing wells at risk of suffering premature production declines. In some areas of the Permian, frac hits have caused child wells to deliver a 30% lower recovery rate than their parents. Some parent wells impacted by frac hits never fully recover and, in the worst cases, permanently stop producing. Understanding the environment that allows contact by a hydraulic fracture emanating from a new well “child” to an old well “parent” is important in determining how to prevent these interactions. We are still in the early stages of understanding the interaction between child and parent wells but in this 60-minute presentation we will discuss the known causes of this issue as well as the tools and analysis that are currently available to help you detect and mitigate frac hits.
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