June 07, 2024
Azerbaijan, which has the presidency of the 29th United Nations’ Conference of the Parties, exported almost 24 Bcm of natural gas in 2023 with half of the volumes going to Europe, according to Energy Ministry data.
April 26, 2024
Azerbaijan, host of this year’s COP29 climate summit, will continue to invest in increasing natural gas production in order to feed demand from Europe as its president said that its abundant oil and gas resources were a “gift from God.”
April 16, 2024
The ACE platform is the seventh oil-production platform installed on the giant ACG field in the Caspian Sea. ACG first began production in 1997 and has since produced over 4.3 Bbbl of oil. The bp-operated Shah Deniz gas field has two further platforms in the Caspian.
January 14, 2024
One of the birth places of the oil industry, Azerbaijan was chosen to host COP29 this year. The Caspian Sea nation is the third oil and gas exporter in a row to host the talks after the United Arab Emirates last year and Egypt in 2022.
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