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Dutch prep for a hydrogen future as gas-production deadline approaches

The Netherlands is throwing a hydrogen life preserver to pipelines that are on the brink of becoming stranded assets. The nation will end most natural-gas production this year, forcing NV Nederlandse Gasunie to find alternative uses for its 15,000 kilometers of pipes.

Russia’s February gas-transit plan leaves Europe in the lurch

Russia is keeping Europe’s natural gas market on edge, with no relief in sight from the country’s preliminary supply plans for next month.

Russia denies responsibility for Europe’s winter energy crisis

Russia has nothing to do with the energy crisis in Europe, Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said, rejecting allegations from the International Energy Agency that it’s holding back supplies and driving up prices of natural gas.

U.S. backs Mediterranean power projects to meet Europe’s energy needs

The U.S. is backing natural gas and low-carbon power sources as it seeks to improve the eastern Mediterranean’s energy ties to Europe and promote stability in the region.

Carbon+Intel: Neptune Energy’s new digital twins support Dutch New Energy projects

Neptune Energy announced the development of new “digital twins” of two platforms in the Dutch North Sea, which will accelerate work schedules, and reduce costs and environmental impacts by enabling engineers to work onshore.

SPE postpones Offshore Europe 2022 on coronavirus concerns

In alignment with Scottish Government guidance on the coronavirus situation, the organizers of SPE Offshore Europe have made the decision to postpone the event on 1-4 February 2022 at P&J Live, Aberdeen.

Germany, Austria blast EU’s “greenwashing” of natural gas projects

Germany and Austria came out strongly against the European Union proposal to classify some natural-gas and nuclear projects as sustainable investments, with both countries accusing the bloc of “greenwashing.”

Denmark wants to end fossil fuels in domestic aviation by 2030

Denmark’s government wants to drop fossil fuels in domestic air travel by 2030 in its most recent push to meet its climate targets.

Nord Stream 2 startup waiting on German regulatory approval

Gazprom PJSC has finished preparing the controversial Nord Stream 2 pipeline for natural gas exports to Europe, yet actual deliveries depend on how quickly regulators grant the project approval amid souring relations between Russia and Western nations.

European energy price surge forcing industrial output cuts

The relentless surge in European energy prices is exposing the region’s biggest gas and power consumers to heavy losses, forcing industrial giants to cut production and threatening the economic recovery.

Asia diverts extra LNG inventories to gas-starved Europe

Asia’s relentless buying of liquefied natural gas earlier this year has left the region so well stocked for winter that spot shipments are being diverted to energy-hungry Europe.

Europe’s turbulent energy market is now at winter’s mercy

Everyone may be back to watching the daily number of coronavirus cases as the omicron variant spreads through Europe, but the energy market is focusing on a more traditional gauge of worry: the temperature.

Europe plans to end long-term gas import contracts as prices soar

The European Union is planning a hard deadline to end long-term contracts to import natural gas as part of its green shift, a setback for top supplier Russia.

European gas prices rise on U.S.-Russia sanctions, SPR plans

European natural gas futures rose on Tuesday after the U.S. imposed its latest sanctions aimed at Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline, a move the Kremlin says is “illegal.”

European gas prices jump, rolling blackouts possible on new Nord Stream 2 delays

European natural gas jumped to a three-week high on delays in starting up a controversial new pipeline from Russia.

Europe’s first winter cold spell already straining natural gas supplies

Europe is set to get its first cold spell of the winter season, putting the continent’s already scant energy supplies under pressure.

EU climate boss sees a role for natural gas in the green energy transition

European Union climate chief Frans Timmermans gave the clearest signal yet that the bloc is considering a role for natural gas under its green rulebook for investments, setting up a clash with some national governments.

European gas prices climb as Russia fails to boost supply

European gas and power prices surged on signs Russia won’t deliver the boost in supplies President Vladimir Putin promised. At least not on Monday.

Nord Stream 2 may take months to untangle European red tape

Russia’s Nord Stream 2 may need a few more months to clear remaining red tape before the controversial pipeline begins pumping natural gas to Germany to help ease Europe’s energy crunch.

Uncertainty over Russian supply sends European gas prices higher

European natural gas futures jumped, extending their rebound from last week’s slump, as shipments from Russia fell.

Energy crisis divides European nations before emergency meeting

European Union energy ministers are set for another spat over how to cushion consumers and companies from soaring power and natural gas prices, with political and legal constraints leaving little room for immediate action.