AIQ brings energy industry automation solutions to AWS Marketplace

January 04, 2024

(WO) – AIQ is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on making AIQ’s WellInsight software available through AWS Marketplace.

AIQ has the distinction of being the first ever local Software as a Service (SaaS) solution provider in the energy domain within the GCC to market its products via the AWS Marketplace. This milestone not only underscores AIQ's innovative approach but also its leadership in the regional energy tech space.

AIQ has passed the AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR) and has become an AWS Certified Partner. This certification further establishes the company's commitment to delivering high-quality AI solutions, ensuring seamless integration with AWS services and a heightened user experience for its global clientele.

WellInsight is a cutting-edge automated tool for petrogeologists and engineers, to gain deeper insight and enhanced reservoir characterization. AIQ’s WellInsight solution consists of four modules – AI-BHI, Geostress, 1D MEM, and Payzone – which automate and enhance the analysis and modelling of borehole data using computer vision and other technology, to support geologists and engineers in planning drilling activities.

AI-BHI fully automates borehole images interpretation, Geostress provides accurate AI assisted stress analysis,1D MEM is AI-assisted creation of geomechanical models and Payzone combines the output of the other three solutions to create an automated, data-driven workflow to identify the optimal perforation zones. WellInsight allows geologists to rapidly process data, analyzing borehole data in minutes rather than weeks, and combining AI analysis with human expertise for the most accurate results. The enhanced analysis can improve production due to higher impact in operation and enhance sustainability by indirect reduction of carbon footprint due to better understanding of well regime.

By making WellInsight available through the AWS Marketplace, a trusted channel for enterprise software, AIQ will make its solutions available to the energy industry through a secure and simplified direct procurement process to test and deploy the solution.

“AIQ develops AI solutions that focus on unlocking value at scale for industries and WellInsight gives the global energy sector a platform to automate and improve borehole analysis. By making WellInsight available through AWS Marketplace, we are able to take our made in the UAE solutions to a global customer base,” said Dr. Chris Cooper, CEO of AIQ.

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