ChampionX unveils new ESP control system for unconventional Wells

January 31, 2024

(WO) -- ChampionX Corporation, a global provider of oil field technology and services, has introduced the SMARTEN XE ESP control system. The technology is designed to handle the challenging downhole conditions experienced by electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems in unconventional wells, including rapidly changing production rates, increasing gas incursion and power quality challenges.

“Traditional variable speed drive control (VSD) systems were not designed for the dynamic downhole conditions common in unconventional wells,” said Ryan Rasmussen, vice president and managing director of ChampionX’s UNBRIDLED® ESP Systems. “Based on our experience operating ESPs under these challenging conditions, we set out to design a control system that helps manage and protect the downhole ESP system as conditions change.”

The SMARTEN XE control system features a hardened industrial processing core that reliably manages downhole conditions with ESP-specific control algorithms to reduce nuisance shut downs and protect the ESP system. Benefits of the SMARTEN XE control system include proactively managing gas locking conditions with the proprietary sensor less REFLUX™ gas control algorithm. Adaptive cruise control with auto-tuning manages operational instability and adjusts the ESP speed to meet an operator’s operational goals while the auto-scaling set point feature automatically adjusts the ESP to the constantly changing production rates common in unconventional wells. A proprietary power meter assures the power quality required to protect the downhole motor and cable.

The control system also has enhanced security, stability, and safety features for ESP operations. It shields the wellsite with Microsoft Azure security and enhances data communication and integrity with the SMARTEN Edge device. The system also leverages VSD Touch Safe technology to separate high-voltage equipment from the controls to protect field personnel from electrical hazards. Users can also make required changes remotely with the same interface seen in the field to minimize the safety hazards related to wellsite visits.

Another key advantage of the SMARTEN XE control system is the capability to create bespoke control applications. Users can create their own apps to meet the goals of their production engineers or to fuel their innovation pipeline. Users also can access the ChampionX app library or engage ChampionX experts to help bring their ideas to life, while expanding AI / ML capabilities across their wellsites.

“The SMARTEN XE is not only versatile and secure, but also customizable based on an operator’s requirements,” said Rasmussen. “It gives our customers full control of their ESP operations to optimize their production, efficiency and reliability, while reducing operational costs and risks.”

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