K-Core Systems delivers automated subsea testing tools offshore Brazil

World Oil Staff July 03, 2023

(WO) – C-Kore Systems recently delivered their automated subsea testing tools for a large subsea construction campaign in Brazilian waters. The C-Kore tools will be used to perform the subsea electrical verification of new umbilicals after installation.

C-Kore’s subsea testing tools are used by operators and installation contractors around the world on both installation campaigns and fault-finding operations. The Cable Monitor unit confirms the insulation resistance and continuity of the electrical lines while the Subsea TDR unit localizes anomalies along the line. C-Kore’s new Subsea Optical TDR can now verify the subsea fiber optics as well. With C-Kore’s automated units and live online training, no additional offshore personnel are required to operate the equipment.

Cynthia Pikaar, Sales Manager for C-Kore said, “We are very excited about the continued work we are doing in Brazil as it is an important market with its deeper water projects. It is great to see the acceptance of our technology by operators and installation contractors. The automation of our tools simplifies the subsea testing for our customers.”

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