EV launches imaging technology to assist in well perforations

World Oil Staff March 30, 2023

(WO) – EV, a provider in downhole visual analytics, introduced its new ClearVision technology. ClearVision is the world’s only integrated array video and phased array ultrasound scanning tool. 

Simultaneous capture of Array Video (left) & Phased Array Ultrasound (right) for a single cluster- perfs 4 & 5 missed by ultrasound
Simultaneous capture of Array Video (left) & Phased Array Ultrasound (right) for a single cluster- perfs 4 & 5 missed by ultrasound

ClearVision combines 360° video and phased array ultrasound technologies to offer a 4D evaluation system for wellbore applications. By marrying these technologies, ClearVision enables operators to see and measure 100% of perforations – including small dimension perforations and those plugged with sand.

This accuracy delivers unambiguous information regarding perforation erosion and proppant placement trends, empowering engineers to improve frac designs for better well performance and increased hydrocarbon production.

ClearVision’s video array offers axial and circumferential measurement accuracy as well as the radial geometry and pipe thickness measurements of its ultrasound scanner, delivering comprehensive insights regarding erosion trends and proppant placement.

ClearVision captures the most complete perforation evaluation dataset with  accuracy in all well conditions. This provides the most complete, accurate and reliable dataset that enables operators to completely trust their data to correctly identify erosion variability trends that would otherwise be unobtainable.

The improved reservoir stimulation enabled by ClearVision is field proven in the Permian to deliver an additional $1.4 million of production revenue per well in one year alone, and operational cost savings of over $350,000 per well.

“Missed data can lead to errors in decision-making and inferior frac designs, which can result in over a million dollars in lost production for a single well in its first year of operation,” explained Tobben Tymons, Visual Analytics Director for EV. “ClearVision delivers full and accurate measurements for a complete understanding of proppant placement to help optimize frac performance by design, for each and every well field wide. This leads to increased production and enhanced long-term recovery from fewer, higher-performing wells, resulting in increased profitability and lower carbon emissions for every barrel of oil produced.”

ClearVision’s data and analytical results are delivered via a custom-built, cloud-based data interpretation and visualization system: the EV Web Portal. This provides secure, easy-to-understand and simultaneous global access to dynamic, real-time results, which offers greater flexibility and actionability compared to conventional PDF reports.

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