LSV Communications launches video voiceover service for executives in oil and gas industry

March 27, 2023

(WO) —LSV Communications has launched a video voiceover service to further align with executive decision-makers’ preference that marketing content should be easy to understand.

LSV Communications’ new video voiceover service is the second recent addition to the agency’s offerings. In February, the agency launched an artificial intelligence storytelling service that is also aligned with content comprehension data about visuals versus text.

This messaging preference is documented in the 2022 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Report that found 51% of nearly 3,500 global management executives believe increasing the value of thought leadership depends on information that is “quick and easy to consume and absorb.” Video images and other visual information are valued more than text.

Significantly, we remember 80% of what we see, but only 20% of what we read. The brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text only, according to This data supports additional research that “95% of B2B buyers say video plays an important role in moving forward with a purchase,” according to Brightcove® and Ascend2. Also, “97% of recent video viewers say that they would be more receptive to sales communication from a business after consuming their video content.”

This data increasingly confirms that visual media, such as professionally created thought leadership, case study, and product videos with voiceovers, should be a significant percentage of content marketing to increase buyer engagement with the brand.


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