CGG, 2CRSi partner to launch state-of-the-art HPC-as-a-Service offering

World Oil Staff February 01, 2023

(WO) – CGG and 2CRSi have partnered to launch a new high-performance computing (HPC)-as-a-Service (HPCaaS) offering to meet the needs of global HPC clients.

The new combined offering from CGG and 2CRSi results in solutions and services that address the needs of today’s HPC user, from energy-efficient HPC infrastructure to HPC-as-a-Service (HPCaaS) (image courtesy of CGG).

The collaboration leverages decades of experience and expertise in HPC infrastructure and solutions and opens a new chapter in the respective histories of both companies. The partners are now offering co-developed HPC solutions and services that combine CGG’s recognized HPC expertise in operating and optimizing specialized data centers for production workflows and 2CRSi’s unique competency in the design and manufacture of high-performance energy-efficient computer servers.

The new and combined offering results in solutions and services that address the needs of today’s HPC user, from energy-efficient HPC infrastructure to HPC-as-a-Service (HPCaaS).

This move further accelerates CGG’s expansion of its HPCaaS offering and leverages its exceptional scientific and technical expertise to optimize and manage complex algorithms and the most demanding datasets. CGG has for decades supported its clients with high-end solutions powered by a significant global HPC capacity across a worldwide network of compute hubs and well-established proprietary HPC and algorithmic capabilities. It has most notably been a consistently early adopter of advances in large-scale HPC architectures and practices, including over a decade of pioneering industrial-scale immersion cooling.

For 2CRSi, in addition to the opportunity to open new channels for deploying its powerful, low-energy HPC servers, particularly in immersion, this agreement enables it to offer its customers the benefits of CGG’s leading HPC and algorithmic expertise with its own systems – which can be hosted in any of CGG’s compute hubs.

Thanks to its expertise in low-energy high-performance servers and its eco-responsible offering, 2CRSi has partnered with CGG over the last decade to supply high-performance computing systems to power CGG’s industry-leading services and solutions for clients in the energy sector.

Agnès Boudot, EVP, HPC & Cloud Solutions, CGG, said, “Users with any type of HPC-as-as-Service need requiring algorithm support and optimization can now benefit from our decades of experience in designing, implementing and operating the most efficient HPC servers to access high-quality solutions that maximize the return on their investment.”

CGG is a global technology and HPC leader specializing in Earth science, data science, sensing and monitoring. 2CRSi is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance energy-efficient computer servers.

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