Equinor, Kongsberg Digital to collaborate on simulation technology for offshore operations

November 14, 2023

(WO) – Kongsberg Digital unveiled a developing collaboration with the Norwegian energy company Equinor, underpinning a stronger safety and sustainability focus on offshore operations. The collaboration will set the benchmark for simulation technology, centered on enhancing personnel skills to protect the environment, prevent offshore incidents, and perform holistic crisis management in advanced offshore operations.

Kongsberg Digital will install four brand new K-Sim Offshore simulators at the North Cape Simulator Center in northern Norway. (Source: Kongsberg Digital)

Central to this initiative is the deployment of four cutting-edge K-Sim Offshore simulators delivered by Kongsberg Digital. These will be integrated with KONGSBERG’s K-Pos Dynamic Positioning systems and NORBIT’s pioneering Oil Spill Detection system, Aptomar.

The tailored configuration will not only enable offshore procedure training for offshore personnel, but also environmental conservation drills, oil spill detection and recovery simulations, and all-encompassing safety and crisis management drills for Equinor's specialized personnel.

The comprehensive simulator suite will be installed at the North Cape Simulator Centre in Honningsvaag, Norway. This is a modern simulator center, which offers safety courses and emergency training for seafarers and personnel in the oil and gas industry. The investment will enable the training of professionals from Johan Castberg, Norne, Åsgård A, and Njord N offshore installations as well as Melkøya onshore plant.

Are Føllesdal Tjønn, Managing Director in Kongsberg Digitals Maritime Simulation Division comments, "The delivery underscores Kongsberg Digital’s commitment to driving innovation, safety, and championing a green shift in the maritime and offshore industries. Our simulation system's unparalleled capability and adaptability are unique and the integration with the latest generation of NORBIT’s Oil Spill Detection system elevates the training realism and broadens its scope even further."


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