TWMA secures $100 million drilling-waste contract for major gas development in Abu Dhabi

October 03, 2023

(WO) – Specialist drilling waste management company TWMA has secured a $100 million contract for a major sour gas development in Abu Dhabi.

TWMA will deploy its award-winning RotoMill solution alongside its newly launched XLink cloud-based, real-time monitoring technology across four artificial island drilling units to promote efficiency whilst minimizing the project’s carbon footprint.

The five-year contract is a major milestone in the growth of TWMA’s UAE operations, with the company set to double its regional headcount to more 400 personnel to support the work. The contract is the company’s largest in the region and will allow TWMA to upgrade its UAE office to support its growing operations across the Middle East.

TWMA will handle, process and recycle all drilling waste generated from the site. Adhering to the nation’s in-county value program (ICV), 90% of the manufacturing and fabrication work for the project will take place in Abu Dhabi.

Gareth Innes, Chief Engineering and Commercial Officer at TWMA said, “The client has recognized TWMA’s dedication to ensuring clean and safe waste management solutions. This showcases our devotedness to promoting environmentally conscious practices across all our operations. I am incredibly proud of the growth and opportunities which our UAE team has achieved through winning this significant contract.”  

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