Coretrax secures multi-year contract in Middle East to deliver oil, gas production enhancement

October 26, 2023

(WO) – Coretrax has secured a multi-year contract with a major Middle East operator to deliver production enhancement across a multi-well campaign.

Coretrax's ReStore expandable straddle patch has been introduced to restore well integrity

As the oil and gas industry continues to play a vital role in meeting global energy demands, operators are under greater pressure than ever to extract maximum hydrocarbons from existing fields. Coretrax will deploy its leading ReLineMNS and ReLineHYD expandable casing patches to effectively isolate trouble zones and increase production on the operator’s existing wells.

Work has already commenced on the project, with a dedicated in-country team, and regional support consisting of eight Coretrax personnel which are providing specialist product expertise to enable successful deployments. The project further demonstrates the demand for expandable tubulars to support brownfield optimization.

The contract will also coincide with the introduction of Restore Patch, the latest tool within Coretrax’s core product line. Restore Patch can be run across coiled tubing and drill pipe to restore well integrity and deliver an effective and convenient solution to common issues such as water production, completion leaks and sand ingress.

The system’s shoeless design means there is no requirement for a drill out, saving valuable rig time with a one-trip solution. Its slim outer diameter also allows it to bypass inner diameter restrictions such as sub-surface safety valves. With a 75% expansion ratio, it delivers maximum oil and gas production conduit to surface, providing over 700% greater flow area when compared to conventional straddles.

By enabling continuous access to the reservoir below, without creating a significant restriction in the well, it allows for greater flexibility for future well operations and subsequent abandonment planning.

John Fraser, chief executive officer at Coretrax said, “Operators are increasingly seeking more sustainable methods to boost production in existing fields and this project demonstrates the growing demand for expandable tubulars to support brownfield optimization. Our technology is directly addressing industry challenges by effectively enhancing recovery while eliminating the requirement for costly and emission-intensive drilling operations.

“Through the advancement of expandable straddles like our Restore patch, operators can effectively reline mature or non-producing wells to deliver efficient and economical recovery. Our leading expandable technology is already delivering substantial efficiencies and we are actively seeking partnerships with conveyance providers which will allow us to make this solution even more accessible to the global energy industry.”


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