Kraken Robotics provides update on subsea laser scanning technology

World Oil Staff January 17, 2023

(WO) — Kraken Robotics Inc. provided an update on its SeaVision® 3D underwater laser scanning technology and related service activities.

3D Volumetric Measurement of Anode
3D Volumetric Measurement of Anode. Source: Kraken Robotics

Operational updates

In 2022, Kraken acquired over 10 terabytes of subsea data for offshore oil and gas and renewable energy customers across several countries including Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, Nigeria, Norway, and Poland.

Applications included anode volumetric measurements for offshore wind farms, mooring chain inspection for offshore oil and gas infrastructure, and subsea metrology services. In 2022, SeaVision services have delivered over one hundred 3D models and metrology for offshore wind and oil & gas clients.

Kraken’s SeaVision technology is expected to become part of several clients' yearly asset integrity campaigns.

Kraken is continuing the commercialization of a unique, non-contact SeaVision® Mooring Chain Inspection Tool (MCIT). This tool can support existing offshore oil and gas inspection requirements and upcoming offshore wind inspection requirements by providing millimetric accuracy 3D digital twins of critical subsea infrastructure.

The SeaVision MCIT will also significantly reduce the cost of mooring chain inspections, as Kraken has also developed extensive data analytics capabilities to process mooring chain data efficiently into corrosion and dimensional measurement requirements for mooring integrity analysis.

In 2023, Kraken’s SeaVision technology will be certified for DNV class inspections as well as accreditation of performance as per ISO standards. Delivering an accredited measurement according to international standards is important to clients that rely on SeaVision measurements to make critical decisions regarding asset integrity, life extension, and repairs.

In 2022, Kraken developed automated calibration, measurement and report generation tools and a real-time workflow based on deep learning, enabling automatic structural tracking and measurement of mooring chains. These tools have reduced the turn-around of models and measurements by a factor of ten times.

Innovative SeaVision inspection technology

Kraken’s SeaVision inspection technology is primarily used in assisting the offshore energy sector to acquire higher quality subsea asset integrity information, more quickly at a lower cost than competing solutions.

This enables offshore energy operators to make timely, informed decisions regarding asset integrity. Specific examples include providing critical measurements to help clients avoid unscheduled interruption of production and enabling reverse engineering of damaged subsea equipment to enable repairs in place.

During several recent offshore deployments, Kraken’s SeaVision technology has shown clients that as-built 3D dimensions of installed subsea structures differ from their existing documentation, especially when servicing aging assets.


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