Zupt completes Gulf of Mexico remote metrology survey

June 24, 2020

HOUSTON - A leading international survey service provider has announced the completion of a remote metrology in the Gulf of Mexico using unique methods which are in growing demand.

Houston-based Zupt LLC has been completing metrologies remotely, without offshore survey personnel, since 2017 and is believed to be only company with the end-to-end ability to complete spool/jumper metrologies in this way.

The latest remote metrology award was made in response to travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, plus a pre-existing desire among operators to reduce the headcount offshore.  It followed the same procedure as a “conventional” inertial metrology but with no survey personnel needed offshore.

Since the company was founded 18 years ago, Zupt LLC has completed a total of 12 remote metrologies and three remote marker buoy positioning surveys. Remote operations are completed by sending ROV video feed, IP voice feed, and serial data from offshore over relatively low satellite bandwidth requirements to a team of survey personnel in Houston. The team then completes the data acquisition in real-time, just as if they were offshore, while staying in constant audio contact with the offshore ROV team.

Commenting on the success of the project, Aidan Thirsk of Zupt LLC said: “In these strange times where the price of oil is challenging and personnel must be kept safe through isolation, offshore survey operations still need to continue.

“Against this backdrop, with over 250 inertial metrologies completed and with years of remote operations experience under our belts, Zupt LLC has proven that remote metrologies are low risk and can be reliably adopted to minimize risk, unnecessary logistics, and additional costs.

“Our wealth of experience and adoption of technology allowed us to meet customer requirements at short notice, something which is increasingly important during challenging and uncertain operating conditions.”

Zupt LLC is an international survey service provider offering uniquely developed technologies. Zupt specializes in the integration and application of inertial technologies for survey and positioning in the offshore industry. It focuses firmly on improving efficiency and production while reducing operational time and project costs.

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