Issue: April 2023


Automated offsets bring a new dimension to drill bit performance evaluation at scale

Evaluating, analyzing and monitoring drill bit performance is crucial to ongoing development of new bit designs, materials optimization and component selections, which increase ROP and bit life, while reducing NPT and well costs. Digitally enabled automated offset analysis helps to visualize and understand bit performance at scale and across geographies.

Pioneering engineering project to power rigs with hydrogen

Reducing GHG emissions in the oil and gas sector is a monumental challenge, but an innovative hydrogen injection scheme aims to accelerate the decarbonization process.

Ensuring safe operations on subsea wells using machine vision

Having successfully used machine vision to ensure safe well operations, 4Subsea is now looking at how best to harness the technology when it comes to monitoring subsea assets.

Global offshore market is on the upswing

After eight long years of difficult market conditions, offshore contractors appear headed for a multi-year recovery that should see continually improving economics and efficiencies.

Coupled prolongation in multi-scale pressure solver for high-contrast heterogeneous reservoir simulation

Efficient multi-scale methods for reservoir simulation require constructing a set of prolongation operators that interpolate solutions from a coarse spatial resolution to a grid resolution. An improved algorithm captures strong contrasts in geological properties better for this objective. Utilizing the new algorithm, operators can obtain better linear and nonlinear convergence rates than previously.

ShaleTech- Permian shales: Production hits new high amidst talk of looming plateau

In what proved to be a prescient, albeit conservative, prognostication, the former IHS Markit (now S&P Global) issued a forecast in 2018 that the Permian basin would hit the 5.4-MMbpd production mark in 2023. 

Regulatory affairs- Stranded assets: Real issue, or just another narrative?

Analysis of decisions being made by energy firms globally reveals the stranded assets narrative to be little more than ill-supported talking points. Discussions at this year’s major conferences reveal a re-dedication to increased exploration and development of new oil and gas reserves.

Regional Report- Gulf of Mexico

Caveats and short-term affection

Progress and development in the Permian basin

An independent operator and oil and gas investment broker provides perspective on strategies and future potential of the Permian basin, including short- and long-term forecasts for E&P opportunities in West Texas.

Advancing offshore wind energy in the United States

In this executive summary of a larger strategy outline, the U.S. Department of Energy sets out its strategic contributions toward 30 gigawatts of offshore wind power generation and beyond.

First oil

Offshore sector appears headed for a sustained run

What's new in production

Long distance delivery

Oil and gas in the capitals

Malaysian PM: Maintain E&P sovereignty, or capitulate to Beijing?

The ESG perspective

Bitcoin and decarbonization

Executive viewpoint

Oil and gas will build tomorrow’s energy economy

The last barrel

Vaca Muerta poised to boom

Industry at a glance

Despite OPEC’s  surprise 1-MMbopd production cut, benchmark crude prices declined in March against a backdrop of weaker-than-expected demand.
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