October 2020 ///

Special Focus

LWD dual-physics imager for OBM applications enables real-time geological characterization

Vera Wibowo, Chandramani Shrivastava

A new LWD tool system enables multiple high-resolution borehole images in nonconductive OBM, providing real-time geological characterization and inputs for drilling parameter optimization.

Mitigating vibration above the drill bit

Chris Gooch

An innovative PDC bit technology is improving motor and downhole tool reliability, while setting new performance records.

Breakthrough in directional drilling

Marco Perez, Hector Vizcarra, Anurag S. Yadav

Dependable rotary steerable systems, tied to an effective drilling engineering process through digitalization and automation, are the foundation of a new era in directional drilling.


Hung up on installation issues?

Jay Geist

Continuous innovation in liner hanger development assists operators in overcoming liner installation and hanger integrity challenges.

Shaletech: Niobrara-Codell Shales

Jim Redden

A capsized market achieves what activists couldn’t.

Offline cementing drives savings and efficiencies

Brandon Dodge

A new solution offers tool-free, 8-min. setup and reduces NPT in multi-well pad operations, thereby yielding more drilling time and lowering costs.

Optimizing artificial lift placement in highly deviated wells using analysis of high-density tortuosity and bend data

Juan Carlos Vergara, Emilio Langlois, Alberto Leal, Stephen Forrester

Taking into account wellbore quality when planning new wells has driven the development of new technology that solves issues inherent in low-quality wellbores.

Identifying reservoir opportunities using automated well selection and ranking

Dr. Hamed Darabi, Wassim Benhallam, Johanna Smith, Dr. Amir Salehi, Dr. David Castineira

Effective reservoir management requires combining multiple engineering/geoscience disciplines to identify improvement opportunities. To optimize analysis, an AI-powered management platform was developed that delivers faster, more accurate results to maximize asset value.

Despite a challenging environment, the OFS sector has a major role in energy’s future

World Oil talks with PESA President Leslie Beyer about the key issues facing the sector in 2020 and beyond.

Roundtable discussion: Coronavirus, energy and the future of work

How does a global industry respond to a global pandemic? In this roundtable, four experts with four different perspectives look beyond the economic impacts and consider how the experience of Covid-19 could change attitudes toward work, technology, the environmental agenda and the future of the energy sector, itself.

Digital solutions for subsea pipelines, cable protection and life extension

Richard Beesley

It has become essential to extend the service life of subsea pipelines and cables. New digital monitoring technologies are capturing data on motion and bending strain to mitigate damage to subsea infrastructure, to maximize asset life and ROI.

Advanced data techniques streamline access to digital information

Alec Walker

As the big crew change continues, operators have a wealth of digitally stored knowledge, for which less-experienced technical staff need innovative AI-based tools to efficiently access this valuable operational information.

Opening our minds will deliver lasting change

Rajeev Sonthalia

By embracing openness while valuing partnerships and collaboration, and by sharing information and data, the E&P industry will develop better solutions quickly, and become more sustainable and responsible, faster.

Special Report: Analysis of Brazil’s O&G Sector

All-in for the Brazilian oil and gas industry

Ricardo Giamattey, Bruce Crager

Part 1: Current challenges to unlock Brazilian oil and gas potential are huge, but as long as the government provides the right incentives, this time the long-awaited future may become a reality.


First oil

Kurt Abraham

Democracy on the edge

What's new in production

Willard C. (Bill) Capdevielle, P.E.

It’s hard to fool Mother Nature….but not impossible!

Oil and gas in the capitals

Dr. Roger Bezdek

Oil and gas to the rescue

Executive viewpoint

Jaclyn Herrera

Connecting people in a disconnected world

The last barrel

Craig Fleming

Let’s harvest public lands—responsibly


Industry at a Glance

Craig Fleming