January 2019 ///

Special Focus

Tunable technology improves operational efficiency in the Eagle Ford

Dan Fu, Christine De Sario

A case study performed in the Eagle Ford has proven that tunable technology can help achieve greater efficiency gains in developing unconventional reservoirs.

RFID technology generates efficiencies for hydraulic fracturing

Joshua Hedrick

From paper to paperless, RFID and IoT are transforming the tracking of enormous amounts of iron that connect the pumps to the wellbore for hydraulic fracturing. The efficiency gains are significant.


Closing the loop on water treatment

Dr. Clay Maugans

There are numerous approaches to treating and recycling water in the oil field, with no single approach always being the right answer.

George H. W. Bush: An oil and gas retrospective

Kurt Abraham

The former President’s tenure in the U.S. upstream industry was just as exemplary as his later career in public service.

Offshore vessel operators must remain flexible and nimble

John Gellert

In recent years, the offshore vessel industry has hit an inflection point that has forced providers to find more cost-effective, realistic means to operate during a frustratingly slow recovery process.

Lorenzo Simonelli sees busy year of advancement for BHGE

Kurt Abraham

In an exclusive interview with World Oil Editor-in-Chief Kurt Abraham, Baker Hughes, a GE company Chairman and CEO Lorenzo Simonelli lays out his vision for the company’s future.

Artificial intelligence drives early-warning alerts to prevent ESP disruptions

Matthew Chinn, Mirko Wutkewicz

Artificial intelligence may seem like a solution in search of a problem, but an on-line retailer has used it since 2006, helping to grow sales by 1,600%. It’s now being applied in oil and gas operations, and it added value in an E&P pilot program with 30 electrical submersible pumps.

Manage by exception: a practical way to reduce cost and improve performance

David C. Johnson

With a few considerations, today’s data-centric workflows can be enhanced with the introduction of MBE, reducing risk and cost.

New powerhouse sees plays “taking off” in 2019

Jim Redden

As it prepares to set up shop in Oklahoma’s flagship shale plays, Encana Corp. is experiencing a measure of deja vu.

East Coast Canada follows its own path

Kurt Abraham

High exploration interest, long lead times and a major development inoculate the region’s offshore activity against low oil prices

Filled with abundant resources, hope for increased activity

Michele Cowart

Indonesian oil and gas development has seen some difficult times.

Taking the “hurt” out of running casing

Karma Slusarchuk, Hosam Zablawe, Andrew Gherardi, Hari Koduru

An automated casing running tool minimizes personnel exposure and opens the door for closed-loop technologies.

The state of process safety and operational risk management

Simon Jones

A 2018 survey report reveals how senior leaders perceive operational risk and process safety management, as well as the work that must be done to turn positive intent into action with proven business benefit.


First oil

Kurt Abraham

The E&P industry perseveres in spite of negative elements

What's new in exploration

William (Bill) Head

Sometimes it is ok to be wrong, even very wrong

Drilling advances

Jim Redden

Fixin’ what ain’t broke

What's new in production

Don Francis

Hits and misses

Oil and gas in the capitals

Dr. Anas Alhajji

Market’s missing link is OPEC’s oil consumption!

Water management

Mark Patton

May you live in interesting times

Executive viewpoint

Jennifer Schwartz

Solid information helps address controllable costs

The last barrel

Craig Fleming

U.S. inches closer to energy independence

News & Resources

World of oil & gas

Emily Querubin

Total—alongside partners CNOOC Limited (45%), Petrobras (16%) and Nigerian National Petroleum Corp. (15%)—has begun producing from Egina field, about 93 mi off the coast of Nigeria.

Industry at a glance

Craig Fleming

Industry at a glance

People in the industry

Michele Cowart

Kreuz Subsea, has appointed Knut Eriksen as the board’s first independent non-executive director.

Companies in the news

Michele Cowart

ABB has been awarded an integrated automation, electrification and telecommunication project, valued at $79 million, for the upgrade of Bab onshore field in Abu Dhabi, by CPECC.

New products and services

Michele Cowart

Hardide Coatings has developed the Hardide CVD (chemical vapor deposition), a coating solution that extends weather windows for drilling operations.