April 2019
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CGG’s GeoSoftware, part of its Geoscience Division, has launched Jason 10.0, HampsonRussell 10.4 and PowerLog 10.0.
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Cloud-ready reservoir characterization solutions offer greater cross-product integration

CGG’s GeoSoftware, part of its Geoscience Division, has launched Jason 10.0, HampsonRussell 10.4 and PowerLog 10.0. These advanced machine learning capabilities allow geoscientists to implement compute-intensive workflows and run very large projects, which process thousands of wells faster. The releases run on Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Environment and will soon be available on other major Cloud platforms.  



High-temperature-resistant, flexible coatings combat corrosion, provide durable passive fire protection 

PPG Protective & Marine Coatings has launched its Hi-Temp 900 coating, a high-temperature-resistant coating that combats corrosion under insulation. This two-component system can be applied in one coat, it cures at ambient temperatures, and achieves high strength quickly while speeding production and handling in high-build shop environments. In addition, Pitt-Char NX coating is a flexible passive fire protection coating that combines higher safety performance in a thinner, lighter coating that is faster to apply. This epoxy intumescent coating system offers reduced coating thickness, lower weight and faster application while providing strength and durability. 



Allen-Bradley controller steers operators to better production decisions 

The Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5480 controller by Rockwell Automation joins a Logix control engine and the Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system in a single platform. The controller can reduce latency by performing real-time data collection at the machine level. Users can view control information at its source, and other information can be sent upstream to the enterprise or cloud. 



Solar panel powers electric actuators used in oilfield pipelines 

Rotork IQ3 multi-turn electric actuators have been specified for use in solar-powered control stations for water gathering pipelines in the U.S. The intelligent systems allow for the remote operation of single-stage isolation and modulating valves to control the flow of produced water in a high-pressure pipeline network. To assist with the water treatment operation, automated valve technology is needed to control flow in the water gathering pipelines, which can often run for miles in areas with no main power to activate the valves. 



Multi-touch control panel provides premium HMI for challenging installations 

ABB’s CP600-Pro ensures reliable operation from –4°F through 140°F and features a true glass touch-screen. The all black front design is a good match for multiple applications, either in landscape or portrait format. The strong aluminum frame is available in screen sizes up to 21.5 in., and comes with three ethernet interfaces. In addition, the Pro series is fully compatible with ABB’s AC500, AC500-eCo PLCs, and can be programmed with Panel Builder 600.



Perforating system packs higher charge performance in a shorter footprint 

Hunting Energy Services has developed the shortest plug-and-play, perforating gun system capable of firing up to four shots per 7.5-in. cluster. The H-2 Perforating System features EQUAfrac shaped charges in a single plane configuration, creating the shortest gun length on the market. The system simplifies loading and arming by utilizing proprietary charge puck and Shorty ControlFire cartridge technology to eliminate any detonating cord.  



Completion optimization using drilling data accessible through cloud, subscription webservice 

FracGeo has launched its software module DrillPredictor which uses commonly available surface drilling data to adapt any frac treatment to variable subsurface geologic and geomechanical conditions. Proprietary Corrected Mechanical Specific Energy (CMSE) is used to mitigate frictional losses along the wellbore for any type of drilling equipment, including RSS and mud motors. In addition, CMSE is used to compute pore pressure, stresses, natural fractures, and geomechanical logs along the wellbore. 



Frac hit analysis service allows timely adjustments to operators’ completion designs  

Reveal Energy Services has commercialized its FracEYE frac hit analysis service, to expand the industry’s knowledge base about the critical issue of parent well-child well communication. The service categorizes the type and severity of interwell communication by measuring the pressure response from a parent well as hydraulic fracturing proceeds normally in child wells. Then, a team of SMEs uses the pressure-response timing and geomechanics to classify the observed response into one of four categories: direct fluid transport—large and rapid overall pressure increase in the offset well, fluid migration—gradual pressure increase that lingers post-stage completion, undrained compression—instantaneous pressure response in the offset well and no signal—no significant pressure changes in the offset well. In addition, the service complements simple, accurate, affordable IMAGE Frac pressure-based fracture maps. 


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