December 2007
Special Report

New Rig Designs: Skidding rigs for pad drill sites

IDM’s new QUICKSKID Rigs are integrated AC drilling systems designed with a focus on pad drilling locations with multiple wellheads

Vol. 228 No. 12  


Skidding rigs for pad drill sites

IDM’s new QUICKSKID Rigs are integrated AC drilling systems designed with a focus on pad drilling locations with multiple wellheads. All direct-drilling-related subsystems are installed on a rail track, allowing fast skidding in either single- or bi-directional planes from the initial well to other producing wells on the pad. This eliminates the need for multiple rig moves where time and space are critical issues in field development programs. The power control, steam/water and air lines extend and retract along the mud tanks with a festoon cabling system allowing them to follow the mast and substructure during skidding operations.

Rail track system on IDM’s bi-directional skidding rig.

The mono-directional unit can skid on an X-axis up to 100 ft forward or backward from the initial well location to other wellheads on the pad. The bi-directional unit can move on both the X-axis and Y-axis with full setback, and is capable of servicing wells in two rows up to 160 ft from the initial location. The rigs are available with 300-, 375- and 500-ton hookload ratings and drive capacities of 1,200, 1,600 and 2,000 hp.

The first two rigs featuring the unique pad drilling system were built for SST Energy and included optional full winterization packages for operating in cold environments such as the Rocky Mountain states, Alaska or Siberia. Rig 58 is a model IDM-1200-AC, and Rig 66 is a model IDM-1600-AC. The box-on-box substructure design incorporates modern, high-performing features such as festoon cabling, an integrated steam system, single-crane rig-up, a BOP trolley and handling system, climate-controlled driller’s cabin with the Electronic Driller software, touch-screen, joy-stick control technology, and advanced rig-controls and monitoring systems. Each base box contains a 250-bbl water tank.

SST No. 58, model IDM-1200-AC skidding rig under construction.

Additionally, the drawworks on these rigs has no chains, sprockets, clutches or water-cooled brakes, resulting in a more efficient braking action that is provided by AC traction motor regeneration. The use of AC technology:

  • Reduces generator requirements
  • Increases fuel efficiency
  • Provides more control of WOB, ROP and rotary torque
  • Means fewer mechanical parts to maintain
  • Improves control over the entire drilling process
  • Helps reduce formation damage.

The mast base is 20 ft x 18 ft; rig mast height is either 136 ft or 143 ft, depending on the model. Racking capacity is 14,400 ft of 5-in. drill pipe and four stands of 6.5 in. casing. The drill floor is 28 ft x 47 ft with a height of either 18 ft or 24 ft. The rotary table can be 27.5 in. or 37.5 in. Setback loads are either 200- or 250 tons, depending on the model. WO


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