Rose Rock Bridge awards $100,000 to Safety Radar to reduce safety incidents in energy industry

World Oil Staff March 29, 2023

(WO) – Rose Rock Bridge, a non-profit energy technology incubator in Tulsa, Oklahoma, announced its award of $100,000 in non-dilutive capital to its first member company – Safety Radar. The company has established its headquarters in Tulsa, supporting Rose Rock Bridge’s commitment to positively impact the city’s economic development efforts and create an energy innovation hub in the region.

Safety Radar was developed by Garrison Haning and Matt Weis to help reduce on-site safety incidents in the energy industry. The company’s digital program relies on digital data collection and algorithms to help companies measure and manage safety risks.

Safety Radar’s digital platform eliminates paper tracking and maximizes safety personnel’s effectiveness with information they can immediately implement to take preventative measures; lag indicators are unable to accomplish this. As worksite accidents cost companies $164 billion annually according to National Safety Council, new approaches to increase safety are needed.

“Matt and I have worked in hazardous industries our entire careers and have a deep understanding of the types of safety hazards crews can encounter on-site and the devastating consequences that are possible,” said Haning, Co-Founder of Safety Radar. “Our platform gives safety personnel a powerful tool to manage operational risks much more effectively than traditional paper-tracking.”


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