AIRMO, Beagle Systems partner on methane emissions monitoring sensor for oil and gas industry

June 19, 2024

(WO) - AIRMO, a provider of real-time data on CH4 and CO2 emissions, and Beagle Systems, a drone-as-a-service company focusing on aerial data, have partnered to provide a new type of methane emissions monitoring service, drawing on both spacetech and drones.

The new service will enable big emitters, particularly in the oil and gas sectors, to meet new EU legislative requirements. Methane reduction is the next frontier in the fight against climate change, with emissions up to 82.5 times more potent and more damaging to the environment than CO₂ on a 20-year timescale.

Working at the intersection of spacetech and climatetech, AIRMO has developed a unique, state-of-the-art sensor that enables methane measurements from space. Combining the technology with Beagle Systems’ ability to utilise drones to collect data at low altitude will make it possible to collect precise information much more efficiently and enable companies to meet the new stringent reporting requirements.

The legislation mandates more frequent and detailed reporting of methane emissions. Companies must now report emissions data annually, and in some cases, more frequently if they exceed certain thresholds. New rules require the implementation of rigorous Leak Detection and Repair protocols and require the use of the "Best Available Technologies", like the AIRMO and Beagle Systems partnership, for the detection, quantification, and monitoring of methane leaks.

Daria Stepanova, CEO and founder of AIRMO, said, "We are excited to collaborate with Beagle Systems, as this partnership enables us to leverage our technology yet further. Cutting methane emissions is the fastest opportunity we have to immediately slow the rate of global warming. We are pleased to be providing companies with the solutions that are needed for them to play their part, including advancing their net-zero and sustainability goals.

Oliver Lichtenstein, CEO and co-founder of Beagle Systems, said, "This collaboration with AIRMO represents a significant step forward in our mission to make accurate environmental data accessible. By combining AIRMO's innovative sensor technology with our market leading geospatial data services, we can not only provide our customers with improved data quality but also help them meet the stricter requirements of the new EU Methane Regulation."

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