Tupi oil and gas field offshore Brazil reaches 2.6 Bboe of production on 15-year anniversary

May 06, 2024

(WO) – On Wednesday, May 1st, Brazil’s Tupi field reached 15 years of operations and 2.6 Bboe or accumulated production, with seven units in operation. Located offshore Brazil in the Santos basin, Tupi is the country’s largest producing field, with an average volume of 850,000 bopd, accounting for 20% of the total produced in Brazil, according to Petrobras.

Platform P-66 in operation at the Tupi field (Source: Petrobras)

To put it into perspective, Tupi would occupy 20th place in the world oil production ranking, ahead of Colombia, Venezuela, the United Kingdom, and Argentina if it were a country, according to a 2023 survey by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA)

"It was in the Tupi field, exactly 15 years ago, that we began our history in the pre-salt, today the largest production center in the offshore industry. Since then, we have developed a series of disruptive technologies and broken record after record, consolidating our world leadership in ultra-deep waters. Tupi is the portrait of a Brazil that works, representing an achievement not just for Petrobras, but for the whole country," said Petrobras president Jean-Paul Prates.

The Tupi Reservoir is located at a total depth of up to 7,000 m, with 3,000 m of rock, 2,000 m of salt, and 2,000 m of water depth.

"Fifteen years on from the first oil, Tupi's results are proof that we are on the right track. This success reflects the excellence and ability of our technical staff to excel. Far from intimidating us, the challenges have become a motivation to persist and a legacy for the offshore industry. The fruits we are reaping today fill us with pride and point to a promising future," added Prates.

Petrobras operates Tupi in partnership with Shell Brasil Petróleo Ltda and Petrogal Brasil S.A.

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