Nabors unveils Nabors Integra Surface Services for enhanced drilling efficiency

May 03, 2024

(WO) — Nabors, a leading provider of drilling solutions, has announced the launch of Nabors Integra Surface Services, a new offering aimed at revolutionizing drilling operations. The introduction of Nabors Integra signifies a strategic shift towards integrated solutions designed to enhance safety, performance, and efficiency in drilling processes.

The name "Integra" embodies Nabors' commitment to integrating services, eliminating traditional silos that often hinder productivity in drilling operations. By seamlessly connecting various drilling processes, including pressure management and tubular installation, Nabors Integra offers a cohesive approach that optimizes performance and reduces downtime between rig moves. Leveraging advanced rig automation, these integrated solutions not only improve safety but also enhance efficiency, ultimately delivering consistent performance while minimizing personnel requirements in hazardous areas.

Nabors Integra comprises two core product lines: Tubular Running Services (TRS) and Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD). These product lines seamlessly integrate with Nabors' capital equipment tools, digital solutions, and rig automation platform, providing unparalleled value to customers utilizing Nabors rigs and the wider drilling contractor community.

Recent successes highlight the effectiveness of Nabors Integra solutions. In the Delaware Basin, Nabors Integra MPD, coupled with advanced drilling automation, achieved a significant milestone by safely delivering a record "Big-hole" three-mile production lateral section, surpassing the operator's previous record by 10 days. Similarly, in Colombia, Nabors Integra TRS, equipped with advanced automated drilling technology, significantly improved casing joint speed and reduced rig-up and rig-down time, enhancing operational efficiency and safety.

The launch of Nabors Integra represents a significant step forward in Nabors' mission to redefine drilling operations, offering innovative solutions that address industry challenges and drive superior performance across drilling projects.

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