GEODynamics introduces new perforation technologies suite at HFTC 2024

February 07, 2024

(WO) – GEODynamics, a global technology and manufacturing provider of perforating, downhole completion, intervention, and wireline conveyed solutions, announced its new, patented EPIC suite of perforation technologies.

The EPIC collection includes EPIC Precision™ and EPIC Flex™ top-loading gun systems which offer state-of-the-art fully integrated and open architecture technologies, respectively, built to withstand the harshest conditions to deliver greater safety, uptime and operational efficiencies. EPIC technologies are engineered to be used across a broad range of unconventional well designs for extremely reliable plug-and-perf completions.

The EPIC Precision suite of perforating tools features a high-performance, fully integrated gun system with pre-packaged telemetry, switch and detonation for standard, self-orienting or refrac applications. The EPIC Precision technology collection offers a fast make-up, reuseable subs with a new robust configurable and programmable switch and a contemporary shooting panel.

Precision integrated gun systems can also be shipped 1.1.D compliant, fully loaded to reduce setup time on-site. Sizes up to 3 3/8” are supported with the Precision, Precision RFX and Orbit configurations, accommodating frac and refrac needs.

For wireline providers that prefer a customizable solution, the EPIC Flex suite offers complete flexibility and compatibility with a variety of market-leading switches or charges in a rugged, switch-ready portless platform. The open architecture design allows teams to plan and complete plug-and-perf operations a more adaptable plug and play procurement and execution strategy. EPIC Flex solutions support sizes up to 3 3/8” through the Flex, Flex RFX and Flex Orbit models.

Patented Slim U switch technology provides the Precision system’s improved durability and reliability. The new switches provide large electrical contacts with generous contact areas to enable a low impedance, durable electrical path that mitigates downhole vibration issues. Additionally, redundant ground paths offer increased reliability in demanding environments.

GEODynamics offers 24/7 on-site gun-building and explosive-handling support with its Wellsite Direct service, which allows wireline providers to focus on conveying the gun strings downhole. GEODynamics also offers on-site 24/7 Wireline Applications training to ensure day and night crews are well-supported to handle the EPIC technology systems.


“We’re excited to introduce our next generation of perforation technologies for today’s unconventional reservoirs,” said Ron Hickerson, Group Vice President, Downhole Technologies. “Our new EPIC technologies demonstrate our commitment to supporting wireline service companies and operators, as well as our new management team’s close collaboration with wireline service providers to deliver reliable, durable, high-performance solutions that address their diverse needs.”



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