OEUK: Approval of bp’s Murlach oil, gas field good for UK energy security

World Oil Staff September 12, 2023

(WO) - The leading representative body for the offshore energy sector, Offshore Energies UK, has responded to bp’s Murlach oil and gas field gaining government approval.

OEUK Sustainability and Policy Director, Mike Tholen, said, “The approval of Murlach is good news for the UK’s economy. Every new project approved in UK waters will help us manage our reliance on imported energy as North Sea production declines and renewables ramp up - providing a strong basis for us to build a homegrown energy future in the UK, for the UK.

“As we build that future, there’s no simple choice between oil and gas or renewables, the reality is we will need both. By the mid-2030s oil and gas will still provide for 50% of our energy needs, so it’s far better for British jobs, the economy, and our energy security if we meet these needs through our own resources.”

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