SeismicAI collaborates with oil, gas industry to protect infrastructure from earthquakes in Oklahoma

World Oil Staff July 27, 2023

(WO) – SeismicAI joined The Petroleum Alliance of Oklahoma in order to facilitate the implementation of innovative EEW advanced technology in the oil and gas industry. Additionally, SeismicAI is working with the Oklahoma Geological Survey to apply the SeismicAI early-warning techniques with data from a real-time statewide seismic network.

Since 2009, Oklahoma has been experiencing a surge in seismicity. Currently, approximately 50 minor earthquakes occur in Oklahoma each year, and one or two are reported felt annually.

"By collaborating with the oil and gas industry, SeismicAI can help protect critical infrastructures and operations that are vital to the industry, thereby saving enormous capital and mitigating damage," said Benny Sasson, CEO, SeismicAI. "Oklahoma experiences quite a few earthquakes, and our early warning could also bring immense value in reducing the profit loss, inventory and equipment costs. According to studies, early warnings can reduce non-structural damages by up to 50%, which could make a dramatic difference in various sectors in Oklahoma."

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