RIGTOOLS launches “first of it’s kind” pipe wiping, washing tool for offshore, onshore drillers

World Oil Staff May 29, 2023

(WO) –Recognizing the technological gap between Red Zone compliance and the way pipe is cleaned today, RIGTOOLS ApS has recently launched the TYPHOON v.3, and it has been very well received by offshore drillers.

The TYPHOON v3 is the first wiping and washing tool of its kind to use rubber blades to wipe the pipe. The tool is tailor-made to fit on top of the diverter or bell nipple and connects to the rig’s HP water system or a special HP unit fit for purpose. LP air is connected for actuation of the rubber wiping blades, which can be done locally on the drill floor or remotely from Driller’s Cabin.

This eliminates previous routine, where personnel would be performing manual cleaning and wiping in Red Zone when BHA and DP are pulled through rotary and at the same time, increases rig time savings.

Already, 8 TYPHOONS v.3 are crossing the oceans, and at the invitation of ADNOC, the two companies will soon be testing the TYPHOON v.3 on ADNOCs onshore rigs.

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